Does anyone run a dedicated server from their house?

by garyv 6 replies
I'm just wondering how easy it is, and what kind of connection you'd need. Also is there benefit in hosting it yourself, rather than someplace like hostgator?
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    Why would you want to?

    Are you in the hosting business? Nope... then leave it to the pros.
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      Originally Posted by Kyle Tully View Post

      Why would you want to?

      Are you in the hosting business? Nope... then leave it to the pros.
      He maybe just wants to host his own sites, I know someone who runs his servers from home very successfully.

      I also considered "buying" servers and running them from home myself for my new hosting business, (Yes I do have someone who know's what they are doing), but in the long run decided I was better off renting them
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        A couple of years ago, I thought of hosting my websites on a server in my house. But after considering the cost of backup power supply and business internet connection with static IPs. I decided that it is more cost effective to use a hosting company.
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          I wouldn't recommend running a server from your home. Not only will you have an increase in your electric bill by doing this... but you will also have the headache not just with updates, but making certain your server is staying online and no hardware has failed.

          Virtual Dedicated is probably your cheapest option for the same setup... as this would be unmanaged.

          Dedicated Unmanaged is the next step up...

          Then you have fully managed servers.

          With a company like Rackspace which is probably the very best company that offers fully managed servers with 100% uptime...

          You could get a server that is maintenance free with the same level of control for around $400 per month. That is only $4800 per year for both the equipment and the expertise to manage it.

          If you had 1 IT person on staff with the same level knowledge... you are going to pay at least $40k per year. And lets hope this person doesn't mess up your settings or lose any of your data. You customers won't care that you hired the wrong IT guy... they will only care that they can't get access to that membership site you setup and charged them for.

          Leave the tech stuff to the pros. Not only is it cheaper in the long run, but the less time you are spending on running the business... the more time you will have to focus on building the business.
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