Backing Up WP Sites ~ Can Someone Provide Step by Step Please?

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I am not great technically and I would like to back up a WP site. I have installed WP DB Manager. It asks want I want to do with back up files.

What is the best option.

Save to Server
Download to computer
Email Back Up

Then it also has a scheduled back up that it sends to email.

In addition is there something else I should be backing up and how do I do it?

Thanks so much!
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    I would have it email the backup to me as a GZip file. This program only backs up the database and not your files.

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    Here are a few things you can do:

    1. This plugin backs up the DB and files (templates, plugins, etc) which is pretty much the entire site. Then you just re-deploy

    WordPress › Wordpress Backup WordPress Plugins

    2. Manual process: Moving WordPress WordPress Codex

    I use the plugin version and it's pretty simple

    All the best

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    I use WordPress Database Backup, I just schedule it to email me the back-up every day.

    You can also use the Export feature, under the Tools menu in your dashboard, if you prefer to do it manually?

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      The best way to learn if you have no experience whatsoever is to view a video on how to do it.

      Click the link below to the youtube video walking through the process.


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    The key to successful backup is redundancy.

    A backup on your laptop is no use if your laptop gets stolen. A backup on your domain is no use if it gets hacked or your host has problems. A backup on your desktop is no use if your house burns down... etc.

    So first choose a host that makes backups for you automatically. (Good ones like Hostgator do this, but it pays to check.)

    Then, as mentioned above, install both the Wordpress Backup and Wordpress DB Backup plugins and use them to back up as many different ways as you can.

    Download a copy to your computer before you do any major changes to your site (like upgrades).

    Set the plugins to backup automatically to a directory on your site.

    And, finally set up a special gmail account and have both the plugins automatically email a zip file to that account, so you have a backup copy of your blog stored totally externally to your site and your computers.

    If you do all this it may never be necessary to use them. In fact I hope it turns out to be a waste of time.

    On the other hand if you don't do it, one day...
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    Here's the step-by-step process that I use to back up my WordPress blogs:


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    I installed WP Back UP and WP DB Manager.

    ~ In the DB Manager I saved the file to my computer. I also sent a copy to my email.
    However, when I open the zip file it is an SQL file and I could only view it with Internal ASCII Text Viewer. When I view it, I do not see all my POSTS that I have written on my site. Are they in there somewhere? Or do I need to make copies of them also. AbleDragon you mention that you save copies of your original posts somewhere also. Do I need to do this? Or are they in the WP DB Manager?

    I am not worried about extracting them now just so long as I have it backed up and can have someone help me get them if needed. I just want to make sure they are there.

    ~ Next I installed WP Back UP. I opened this up also and I see my theme, and the plug ins for the theme. This is nice to have a copy but how often do I need to back this up?
    It seems like hourly or even weekly is not needed as I dont change much...or am I missing something?
    Does it do it automatically at my WP site?

    ~ How is it best to save the WP Back Up. It listed a directory that was
    Where is this? Do I save as email also?

    Thank you very much!

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    Well, it's pretty easy. Just follow these steps

    1.) FTP all your blog installation back to your computer (includes wp-contents. wp-plugins, etc and everything else that sits in your blog directory)
    2/) login in to your hosting control panel and backup your database file using MyPHPadmn.

    (I think there is an option call back up the database and you can choose the option .tar.gz to save the database file.

    3.) once you have done the above step, download the database file to your hard drive

    and that;s it

    4.) to restore basically you just need to login to myphpadmin and select the database you want to restore and dumped back in the database and that;s it!

    I can do it under 20 mins as I've done quite a few times.

    hopes that help
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    Sounds great Zoobie Thanks so much but I do not have a clue on how to do FTP so I have to stick with WP plug ins for now.

    So would appreciate input on my above questions. Thanks!

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