google adsense alternatives for publishers

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hi i have some anime website i want monetize my site so i need networks that pay good can any one give me some networks name
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    Have you looked into click bank? It is the second to google adsense.

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    Anime comicbooks? Or is this just a fan site? You can always have a sidebar or in post ads which are affiliate offers to CPA or Clickbank. But since it's anime, it may be hard to find relevant offers. So I suggest joining peerfly and testing out a few offers which you think would appeal to your audience.
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    its anime streaming sites i will try peerfly and clickbank but can you guys give me some idea about what type of product will work on my site?

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    depends on the niche that you're in,

    if you're in a niche focused on women's issues then performs well I find...

    its a legit CPA coupon site
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    just mention some of top sites here : , revenuehits , bidvertiser , infolink , amazone native ads , adversal , viglink , propeller ads , chitika about anime site i think game ,books, news ads will work well
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    anyone heard of revenuehits? this video says it pays more than infolinks.

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    Bidvertiser does its justice if you have converting traffic that often clicks through. Typically their ads are interesting enough to draw a decent CTR.
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      Originally Posted by PancakeSexual View Post

      Bidvertiser does its justice if you have converting traffic that often clicks through. Typically their ads are interesting enough to draw a decent CTR.
      I've never been a Bidvertiser publisher but I did extensive testing as an advertiser. Results were dismal. Their portfolio is ultra-low quality sites.
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    Has anyone swapped out Adsense (contextual ads) for NATIVE ADS?

    I've been hearing both good and bad things about NATIVE ADS

    While the PPC is better on average for 'junk niches', their CTR can be downright horrid.

    Anyone care to share their experiences?

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    There are many and the market is getting quite competitive. One thing you could do is search the internet for smaller ad networks and then contact them offering to use them on your website, but only if they guarantee a certain CPM or you would go with one of the biggest players. The ones that are just starting out might just opt for that which can allow some secure earnings on your part.

    Otherwise you might check out Propeller Ads and the likes of Tabula and so on. Also give suitable CPA offers a shot as well, sometimes they can do wonders for your earnings if there is a nice audience/offer fit.
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    Start with a quick search first, because there are tons out there.

    What I used as an alternative though was infolinks.
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    If you have some pictures on your site and some decent traffic, will show great results
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    You can try Infolinks, I've used them before and they're not bad. You can do in-text advertising, a pop up on the bottom of your page and ads in between your content. Only thing is, they don't pay as well as Google, but the min payout is only $50 instead of $100.

    You'll need a lot of traffic to make it worthwhile, same as you would with Google adsense, so just make sure your expectations are in line.
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    Affiliate marketing is one the best alternatives for Google adsense. You can make residual income from it.

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