Those dealing with fitness, health , weight loss.

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beside email list

FB groups

where you promote?
#dealing #fitness #health #loss #weight
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    How about forums and other social media where people might have an interest in the fitness, health, and weight loss niche? Paid advertising may be something to think about.

    Have you created your own blog/site for this yet? You might consider that as well.
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    Need more details. What type of product? What type of offer? Where do your customers "hang out" online? Where do your customers go for the solution you provide? Go there.
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    I shall look into it.

    because many will mention forums, social medias , the same old thing

    I just wonder any unique way.
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    it could have been more helpful for people to come up with better solutions for you if you had given some details about your product, its niche etc. These things that is, Forums social media etc are the general places to help you promote.
    Someone here suggested that you should go where the intended people 'hang out' virtually or not. that was a great idea.
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    Depending on the specific product PPC may work. I use Bing ads.
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    Offer your product for free to those whom have huge followings on social media
    your own Youtube channel
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    Hit up bloggers and see if they will feature your offer, target health websites to buy ad space. Also facebook groups dedicated to helping people reach their fitness goals. Native ads are also killing it for health and fitness!
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    Originally Posted by Devilfish168 View Post

    beside email list

    FB groups

    where you promote?
    i promote on other social media platform such as twitter and Instagram. i also use youtube which drive me huge traffic.
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