What sort of work do you avoid like the plague?

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I was asked recently to do some writing for a company here in Australia that does live cattle exporting to Asia. They were happy to pay seriously big bucks to get some key messages, articles and general marketing done in the event of a bad news story to get a positive spin on the industry. It took me all of 2 seconds to thank the potential client very much for the offer but politely decline.

From time to time, there are other projects that I won't touch with a ten-foot pole, usually anything to do people that speak to 'the other side' and also legal, scientific or medical projects which I don't have the knowledge or the experience to write about with any real conviction.

While I can honestly say I pretty much write for all sectors and on basically any other topic, I do have a few areas which I will flat out avoid like the plague...

I'm interested what sort of work you side step and which projects are some of your guiding lights marketing-wise.
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    Doing only what you love is a privilege. If you can afford it, it's the best way there is. Many times however, if you want to be professional you have to complete things that you don't like. If you can do only what you love you are blessed.
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      Originally Posted by ANDREIS View Post

      Doing only what you love is a privilege. If you can afford it, it's the best way there is. Many times however, if you want to be professional you have to complete things that you don't like. If you can do only what you love you are blessed.


      Very astute post.

      Most of us don't have the luxury of doing only those tasks that we enjoy. It's a great goal to shoot for, but almost every business system includes mundane, or repetitive, or boring things that must get done in order for the business to function.

      There is one area, however, where I draw the line. Yes, I am old fashioned and some will say prudish maybe, but I will not do things that I don't believe in or that are against my own personal standards and morals.

      I stay away from anything that is dishonest, harmful to others, illegal, morally wrong, racist, degrading, hurtful, senseless, or what I deem is "wrong." Yes, I understand that this is a very subjective list. But hey, it's my life, and I want to be subjective. You don't have to agree.


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    Since I am studying medicine, I love working on projects that revolve around health and fitness. However, I do hate working on projects related to accounts and finance. Usually, I listen to my stomach in this case and refuse.

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    I usually try to avoid clinical style and common photography projects. I prefer fine art projects or shooting subjects that are a little more uncommon, abstract or difficult to capture.
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    Building Wordpress sites I always pay for this to be done for me, it costs me $20 per site but worth every cent that's for sure lol

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    smut !! I hate when those smut moguls come knocking at my door to write them some articles on some of that hanky panky nonsense

    - Robert Andrew
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    I don't like selling information about health and medical issues. When it comes to that, that is peoples' lives here. I would like to get into the basketball niche though. I know too much about it, and have already created a hot sales page for it.
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    What sort of work do you avoid like the plague?
    Anything requiring me to consider other people's wants ahead of my own.
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    Religion. There’s no way on this planet I will touch anything to do with religion.

    I also won’t do stuff on medical issues where I’m expected to promote some herb or other as a cure for cancer, for example. Won’t touch stuff like that with a barge pole.
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    Tally another in the "no medical topics" column, especially if it's connected to some quackery that could end up killing people.

    Fortunately, I'm my best (and only) client, so I know better than to even ask.
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    Freelancing works for others- it totally sucks! I used to do it a few years ago... ugghhh ... not any more.
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    I hate when my boss(es) make me start random threads to generate conversations on forums.
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    I HATE anything that involves too much writing. Which is why I don't like writing long sales pages, even though they work. I prefer doing videos or short emails.
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    updating my ecommerce site

    and connecting everything to my amazon aws

    dont like it...
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    Definitely avoid the medical, political, and religious stuff... too many variables that lack any significant evidence to support one cure all, one party, or one definitive explanation to God or the ominous forces at work.

    Oh, and I avoid people shoveling BS too... (be it literally or figuratively.)

    Given the choice, I'd prefer to write and design content that defies the status quo and centers on human behavior, mathematical probability factors, and developing systems that awaken people to what they aspire to become... and sell them the map to get there. -Still working on that last part.
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    I should probably add religion and life coaching on my list to avoid as well... It's starting to pile up, maybe I am getting old and cranky. Thanks for sharing.
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    Relationships that lack forgiveness and trust.Relationships that are one-sided.
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