Complete newbie to affiliate marketing needs help...

by mark24
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Hi all,

This being my first post I thought I would get it out there that I am a novice when it comes to affiliate marketing.

I am asking for any help that can get me off the ground and running...where to start, what to do etc...a step by step plan would be helpful.

Any info you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to all the feedback.

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    Well... for starters.. do you have any strengths? Web design, html, programmer, anything that can be used to make money?

    There is literally an endless amount of ways to earn a dollar online.

    Start with the basics though, like article writing and try to get some web 2.0 properties (like squidoo, hubpages, blogger) full of content. Don't worry about optimizing for keywords and such yet, just get used to the fact you have to put in a good amount of typing work. You promote your 2.0 site with articles by the way.

    If this doesn't sound good to you, do you know the ins and outs on any specific topic? Selling ebooks will never get old, and it's pretty easy once you've written the book.

    But the best advice.. is to keep reading and reading and learning until you can take action on the basics and start seeing traffic. If you can make $1 online, you can scale it to $1,000,000! Oh yeah, try everything too!
    Hello Warriors :)
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      Its good for you to start Internet marketing on affiliate marketing.

      Some questions for you:

      1) what is your interest?

      2) Can you sustain this interest for at least 5 years?

      3) Are you doing this Internet marketing part time or full time?

      4) What are the skills you have pertaining to Internet marketing?

      5) Do you have a plan?

      6) How much are you willing to invest (time and money)?

      These questions will help us help you.

      By the way, if you are a newbie, I would suggest that you use free blogging first to get started with.
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    Hi Mark,

    Welcome to Warrior!

    You might want to check It is a great resource for showing you Affiliate marketing free techniques, and it's free.
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    This is a long long way to go - start with BUM Marketing.

    Powerful Indexer That Makes Your Backlinks Count ==> Nuclear Link Indexer

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    Hey Mark,

    Welcome to the Warrior Forum. Well this is a great place to come with tons of experienced and successful marketers that visit this forum. I would say the easiest thing to get the ball rolling would be affiliate marketing. Preferably promote products that have a recurring income.

    1. You need to have a marketing plan (Forums , Social Networks, Offline, Classifieds)
    2. You need a good solid offer
    3. You need to stay consistent with getting traffic daily

    I would start off being doing free methods and not spending any money yet just to get your feet wet. This is just basic stuff and hope you gain something from it. Good luck to you
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