What do you look for when choosing a web host

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A small team and I have started a PaaS and Hosting company. After 11 months of production, we can finally say our platform is stable and production ready. Now it is time to expand this platform with some unique features.

At the moment we are actively integrating two fully featured website builders. A basic HTML and CSS landing page builder already is in beta and for our WordPress installs a fully featured drag and drop website builder is being tested.

Next to the normal features every hosting company delivers what are your requirements when choosing a new web host? Or what would you like to see that has not been done before (or has been done badly...) The sky is really the limit, our programmers like a good challenge
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    I look at their performance and customer reviews, I look for customers reviews!
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    Dependability, support, speed and price. In that order.
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    Yeah, been with Hostgator for 7 years now. Luckily the Support has been adequate for me but I know many others have differing experiences with them. ( Since EIG took over 2 years ago)

    The Price has always been hard to beat so it is one of those things where I wait and see if they start doing the bad things others have complained about

    - Robert Andrew
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    Support. Support. Support.

    Phone number, live chat, or support tickets, whatever. Just make sure it's good. This means real people who know their stuff respond with specifics, clear communication, and care enough to make sure the issue is resolved, and not just try to close tickets.
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    Hostgator or BlueHost, they're popular, great support, when tons of traffic coming to the site, it won't crash.

    Also, site speed, it won't make customers wait for too long.

    But don't worry too much, can always upgrade to a better company or plans but for now, BlueHost or Hostgator.
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    I look for someone local and also an individual that is happy to hand out their mobile phone number so i can contact them directly should my site or hosting go down.

    A quick text and I can get my site up and running again.

    I have used the 'big guys' and I am had to lodge a service/support ticket, wait for ages ahead of getting anything done, rarely spoken to many humans on the phone and then finally got my site back up...

    Now I pay $220 bucks a year AUD and get hosting with full support when I need it. So handy and I try and engage as many locals as I can so that I can knock on their door if anything went pear shaped.

    Good luck.
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    The very first thing i usually look in a hosting company before choosing them is their customer support. Most of the hosting company have lack of efficient Customer support services. Secondly I look that they did not oversell their servers. Usually cheap hosting providers oversell their hosting services which will lead to poor server performance.

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