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I'm within the method of putting in place a campaign to market "Product X" - this can be however it'll be set up:

1. Send traffic to my squeeze page wherever they will prefer certain a relevant freebee that I created. (freebie is emailed to them as presently as they sign up)

2. when they prefer in, they're redirected to my landing page. This landing page is about up to market "Product X" - it's meant to "warm them up". It conjointly includes 2 bonuses (which also are relevant to Product X). They solely get these bonuses if they purchase the merchandise.

3. after they understand they merely cannot live while not this product, they click through to the particular sales page and complete the acquisition.

Here is my question:

How do I heat up the guests that find yourself on the landing page? What sort of data ought to it have? ought to it merely contain a headline and a quick description of Product X?
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    The quality of your offer and content on the landing page is by far the most important. There is no trick that can replace that. I have some impression that english is not your first language so maybe you should hire a copywriter.

    Also you need to make sure that you have targeted traffic, which means that the right people are coming to your squeeze and landing pages. People who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

    You should also diagnose what's really happening on both your squeeze and landing page (and other pages) and how do they abandon your website. Using Google Analytics is not enough, you should also record sessions (and later watch videos of what your visitors were doing) and generate a heatmap to see what you need to improve.

    On your squeeze page you can use exit pop up with some additional bonus so that even more people join your list. When it comes to landing page, to engage your visitors better I do recommend you to use live chat or polls. For example we use hotjar poll that appears when a visitor scrolls down. We ask how to better serve them and what do they need. Another powerful option is to use website speaker who would appear on your site and better explain your offer.

    When visitors leave your website that is not the end of the world, you can still engage them with retargeting on facebook and other websites. Retargeting works!
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