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On January 26th, 2016, I came back from a republic day celebration (in India it's a public holiday). I was sitting on a black color executive chair in my home office and staring at the computer. As I was staring at the computer, I was thinking on how to scale up the business, how find more ways of making money online. Also, I started questioning "Have I taken the right decision to get into online marketing?"
Let me give you a background on how this thought started arising. I have started my online marketing journey a decade back. In the last ten years, I have seen a lot of changes that have come up in the online promotions. From the last two years, whichever site, forum or blog I read says only one thing that this niche saturated or it is too expensive to start.
Reading all these information, I was wondering if all the niches are saturated then is it not possible to make money. This one thought bugged me for more than two years until I came across an article which spoke about how the right mindset is more important to succeed in any business.
While I was exploring the ways to scale up my affiliate marketing business, I stumbled on As usual, I was doing some research, and I came across a lot of sites that were saying is."Teespring is dead on FB LOL!", "Teespring too saturated & expensive" & so on...
While reading these comments, one thought stricked me "who in this world is not ready to buy clothes?"  No one! Everybody will be spending money on clothes either for themselves & their families. If people are ready to spend on their clothing, then the market is never dead or saturated. This was the big shift in my thought.
I started taking a deeper dive in the teespring and what I realized that people who say that Teespring is dead, either have not tested it or have lost the hope in just one campaign.
If you think Teespring is dead, then please see the screen shot of my Shopify store.
Here is what I did:
1) I had spent almost two weeks to identify which are the popular niches. Also, I went to different forums to see what other people are talking about. Based on that, I came with a plan to create some design ideas.
2) I prepared the brief of the design & went on to find a designer. I got the designs made. I made four designs to test the ideas.
3) After that I went on to Facebook created my first campaign, I still remember I was so nervous because till then I haven't tried FB ads.
4) Two designs were not working well at all, but the other two were doing well. I scaled those campaigns.
5) After seeing the success, I decided to create a Shopify store & today I have more than 20 designs in my store. And I have created the campaigns which are optimized conversions.
Are 20 designs working well, absolutely not, but then I get the data which shows me what is not working and what is working. Based on the data, I scale up or scale down campaign.
This is what I would say "Amount of money which can make depends on what action you take."
Take action grow your net worth! Good luck and god bless!
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    Wow! Impressive! How do you do that from your own Shopify store? I know that people usually send the traffic to teespring directly.
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    Great story. This is what it is all about really, do your research, choose your targets and try. Wishing you all the best and continued success.
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    Congratulations! So you're getting your own design T-shirts printed at your end and then shipping them out, through the Shopify store? I didn't get where the Teespring came in.
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    That sounds great. things worked out for you because you get it planned. And that is the best strategy, way to go!
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