So many things to consider...can you tell me if I've sorted this out correctly?

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Long time lurker here...

I spent the last month creating my product, a 9-session audio learning series and an ebook workbook. I've created a web site for selling them. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to do that! Here's what my research seems to be showing me. PLEASE correct me on anything and offer any opinions:

1. I need to sign up for DigitalProductDelivery or EJunkie if I want someone else to host and deliver the files (about 100MB total download). If I want to host the files myself, I'd use DLGuard. Which would be best?

2. I need to sign up for Clickbank if I want to give affiliates the ability to sell my product. If I go with EJunkie for #1, I COULD use their affiliate program OR sync with Clickbank. Which would be better?

3. I need to sign up for a payment processor. I don't need a cart; I want a simple BUY NOW. I need to go with PayPal Business for that. Is that the best solution?

Finally, my host for years has been I pay $5/month. I've read a lot of good things about HostGator. Might that be worth the switch? If so, why?

I appreciate any help anyone can offer.
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    1. Here's one to look at: Rapid Action Profits

    2. RAP has a built in affiliate program with affiliates getting paid right away to their PayPal account.

    3. A PayPal Premier account will work for RAP. Affiliates need to have one also. Easy to get, good to have.

    4. HG is who I use and am very happy with them. Great support too. Worth the extra few dollars a month.


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    For anyone following this, here's what I'm now thinking I should do for simplicity sake while starting out:

    1. Switch my host to Hostgator--seems to be the clear favorite here for the buck.
    2. For now, use EJunkie solely along with PayPal Standard.

    Then I'm ready to go for my first series. I may switch to Clickbank and DLGuard later.

    Then, from what I can tell, I should also consider joining the War Room if I'm really serious about this.


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