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by Aljiro
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Hello warriors,

Im looking for a bit of enlightenment here.

I have been thinking of this for a while and I don't seem to get it.

What is the connection between your articles to submit to directories and keywords and keyword research and how is it connected to your website that is being linked from the resource box?

P.S. I don't know SEO.

Please help.

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    SEO is all about relevancy in the search engines. 8 out of 10 internet users started off with search engines.

    Why use article marketing is because:

    1) your website or blog or web page is new
    2) you want traffic
    3) you want to build page rank

    When internet users search online, they will use search terms to start off with, same as in article directories.

    Your title of the article, and the anchor text links keywords must be related to where you want the traffic to land on, all these must be relevant.

    This way you will attract more traffic and better page rank.

    If you are not good in SEO, I recommend using a keyword research tool that I recently purchased.

    It's easy to use and it's very powerful.

    Read Keyword Research Pro Review here.
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    Thanks for the resource and information Joshua.

    However I do not have the budget for Keyword Research Pro.

    Can someone please recommend a good SEO product that is not very high priced.

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    Well here is The Best Post by Tim.G article marketing maestro.

    All your possible and never thought of questions answered here.

    Go through it...until you get the hold of it.

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    keyword research should be used to identify markets that are profitable and convert into sales. use google external keyword tool to research it will tell you what google thinks the site is about.

    once you found a profitable market then worry about SEO. SEO takes time and remember all the big boys are many steps ahead.

    for good seo title tag = main keyword you want to rank for eg "how to train your labrador dog" , in headline main keyword you want to rank for

    meta and sub tags you need to have your main keyword and related keywords about the topic in the landing page.

    Use google wonder wheel to tell you what the related keywords are
    Free video reveals #1 secret to generating leads and making money on the internet
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    1. The more keywords pointing at your site/page, the more it will look like yours is the right page to show in the serps

    2. Good keywords are those which you provide that others don't and that equals traffic.
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    we connect keyword with title for SEO and body of article to drive traffic because people would info therefor they read your article
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