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I have a company named "Debmedia". Now suggest me, I want to open my business under it for media productions like short film, documentary etc. So which name will be better. Here are those options:

Debmedia Films
Debmedia Movies
Debmedia Motion Pictures
Debmedia Studios
Debmedia Entertainments
Debmedia Productions
Debmedia Creation
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    They all sound great, except for the last one.

    'Productions' is good because its versatile,
    that means later on you can venture out to different areas , i.e.

    I had a company once that went from textiles to jewelry, own designs
    i put 'Productions' in the name, because thats what we did, we produced it

    also good if you add music to films later, works both ways. Good luck.

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    Debmedia Entertainments sounds goods. It's the name which most of big media company usually use
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    If you were to stay broad it would give you more opportunity to diversify. I quite like Debmedia Productions or Studios as it offers a really big umbrella. I don't mind the last one, however I would probably call it Debmedia Creative (rather than Creation).
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