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If you are ignoring the insanity that Pokemon Go is bringing to the world...

... you're losing on profits.

To wit:

New York Restaurants Are Already Making Money Off Pokémon Mania - Eater NY

Pokemon GO's Already Capturing Minds

Gotta Sell'em All: Companies Using Pokemon Go to Drive Customers - NBC News

What's holding YOU up?
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    Originally Posted by barbling View Post

    What's holding YOU up?

    It's not my niche.

    Some marketers, especially affiliates, jump from fad to fad and try to capitalize on whatever's hot at the moment. More power to 'em.

    Other marketers have chosen a very "tight" and deep niche and prefer to stick with doing what they do best within the niche. They put blinders on and try to focus on the happenings, news, and activities just in their little world. More power to 'em as well.

    If your niche is teaching the elderly how to get more horsepower out of their motorized wheel chair, Pokemon is simply a distraction.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    The game is being "used" extensively by people looking for things to write about or ways to skim some money here and there. Yes, I am ignoring the insanity and will continue to do so.

    I just read an article about how this game separates people by race - apparently the writer desperately wants to play Pokemon Go "full out" but is worried he will be "shot for walking erratically while staring at my cell phone." Right - because we know cops shoot people for looking at their cell phones...happens all the time.

    Maybe a smart marketer could create ball caps that proclaim "I'm only playing or tshirts saying "I am a Pokemon idiot" or 'follow me to a virtual world'.... so we can identify the players. At least we could avoid them on the walking paths.

    I'm not sure if the game is the real fad here - or the buzz surrounding it. Unless you are a marketer who has a business of following trends and's just a game people - who have nothing better to do - play.

    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world will change forever for that one dog.

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    Remember the ice bucket challenge? This too shall pass.

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      Originally Posted by DeePower View Post

      Remember the ice bucket challenge? This too shall pass.

      One was an ALS awareness challenge, the other is the closest iteration to real life Pokemon that people have been waiting 2 decades for.

      Eh, no.
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        Originally Posted by 1Bryan View Post

        Over the last 10 years, older "respected" members have said the following were just fads (at one time or another):

        Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Smartphones, Apps, Wordpress, etc, etc.

        Bryan, please give us some actual examples of the posts/threads where these major businesses were called fads by respected members. I would like to know if you are telling the truth or just blowing smoke and being critical of other WF members.

        Thank you,



        Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      Originally Posted by DeePower View Post

      Remember the ice bucket challenge? This too shall pass.

      Eh, Pokemon is VERY popular and has been for a while. It has a cult following that seems to grow every year. It's so popular my son's school has made a rule that Pokemon cards are not allowed in school.

      Pokemon Go is an extension of a very popular and well-established franchise. It's not a fad.
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    I heard rumours they going to launch global as some countries haven't official launch despite some " hack " it to play for fun first.

    I do a search from my local App store already a lot third party app on this...." means some perhaps are IM are already doing apps for it to earn from ads display "

    well I feel this crazy is " short live " for cast by next year the craze will dim down a bit nevertheless this hype will be around once they launch to other countries.
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    All good stuff, and totally respect both opinions. I have to fight myself not to try and capitalize on all the fads, but I think I'm gonna bite on this one.

    Question, as I haven't seen much about it:

    Can you legally use "poke" in a domain? I've bought these domains already, and I have a few poke.tld(s)

    Thanks, and happy to share thoughts/ideas.

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    Thanks, great but it seems to have a problem with the online world... but I think this just get more and more people holding on to their phone while walking on the street...
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    1D , Hoover boards, American reality star being president,
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    if it aligns with your niche

    then why not!

    hop on that traffic wave!
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    It's already given that what is new and hot trend at the moment will always do market. People always comes up with ideas on how to sale, gain profits and earn big by connecting every business and others to gain more likes, feedback and sales. Just the like, Pokemon Go is on it's top trend now a days that people got crazy on different stuff in connection with this.

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    While I am sure there would no shortage of video guides and ebooks looking to monetize that trend, I suspect the BIG MONEY to be made off Pokemon Go would be related to LEGAL LIABILITY

    Many players have already suffered minor injuries.

    Some players even got robbed by people who used the app's "lure" feature.

    I would not be surprised if the lawsuits start flying soon as more and more people find themselves in dangerous situations thanks to AUGMENTED REALITY courtesy of Pokemon Go

    Given the specificity of the situations created by the game, the good news (if you can call it that) is that the suits will probably be INDIVIDUAL suits instead of CLASS ACTIONS.

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    Pokemon Go became very popular.

    Search Pokemon Go souvenirs for monetizing...
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    It's a fad and I think we'd be lucky to heard much more about it in a week or two. I honestly have no idea what all the fuss is about and it is just so bizarre to me that this is newsworthy. Maybe I am old but I wish everyone would go outside more and smell the roses and not be glued to their device playing along with mythical weird yellow creatures.
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    Pokemon go does make a fuss!!! specially when it comes out to selected countries and neglecting most of that part in Asia. funny how they make this trend in social media, and seeing people holding their phones and searching for Pokemon!
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    I'm sure we will keep seeing more and more and more of these until the bubble pops.. either way, I find it interesting and funny at the same time (but, that's just me)
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    uummmm... it's a good niche (as many others )
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    Apps are a great way to make money.

    I wonder how long the Pokemon Go phenomenon will last?
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