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Just had an idea about offline marketing for an affiliate.

1. sell an affiliate product by providing a free report on cd rom or dvd.

This can work like this.

Using a niche example.

Purchase plr on weight loss.
Create the report which promotes the affiliate product whatever it is.
Put the report along with some other goodies on a cd rom or dvd.
Pop into your local health shop and ask if they are willing to hand over a free dvd to customers.

You could invest in producing 100 dvd cd roms for starters.

The report on the cd rom will link to your squeeze page for the affiliate product.

Promote the back end product.


1. You can brand yourself as a guru.
2. You instantly have leads in the offline market.
3. Alot of solid traffic from offline customers.
4.If you create your own plr you can sell them that too.
5. You can pitch and mail to them once you have their details a newsletter and other affiliate pitches.

Other examples

learn spanish/french- promote to local holiday bookmakers/local llibraries.
make money products- to the libraries.
Learn to crouchet- to your local knitting sewing crafts shops.

This may have been suggested before, but just a thought.
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    you could do that..but i don't think that a shop will just give those without giving them something. and second if you really want some good offline leads i think you need a lot more than just 100 dvds
    just my opinion
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      These are just raw initial ideas. Obviously more thinking is required on the logisitics.

      Im talking about targeting local small businesses in small towns NOT CITIES.

      I work in a bookstore which is how the idea came about, and we quite often receive requests from people who want us to slip in flyers for their businesses for free or display them on our counters, which we do, as long as what they are promoting is relevent and not offensive.
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    • Profile picture of the author sparrow
      I think you have a idea there but it will need to be fleshed out a little.

      A while ago I needed some references and looked at the library to see if they had any IM stuff, many have the budget to spend but you need to find out what their buying process is.

      So I see this has potential, but you need to work out some of the details

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  • Profile picture of the author bridgetmouton
    That was a great idea, I didn't even think of it. But you are right, we can't forget our offline market.
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    • Profile picture of the author Keith Boisvert
      Just a side thought...

      You can also scour your hard drive for some relevant PLR books, rewrite them or tweak them,. Lets take the highly overrated and most often used dog grooming niche. Take your plr, talk to a popular dog groomer with a decent site, and have them promote it. Give them a copy, and offer to put their name on it. Set up an affiliate program via ejunkie, sign them up and offer to put in the link on their site to a sales page you create.

      Since they will be using your link, they will automatically know when they make a sale. This can obviousely be expanded upon quite a bit, but you can do this with quite a few shops in your area. Plus there are always more products on the backend. This is a good way to approach business owners as well. They have no cash out of pocket, and you both make 50%. No risks at all.

      Just a thought.

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  • Profile picture of the author Helen Doherty
    I think that is a great idea.

    You could also think about writing articles (or using PLR ones) and printing those out with your affiliate links and asking to leave them in waiting rooms of doctors, in cafes and other places where people might appreciate some good reading material (cheaper than DVDs too)

    Also you could concentrate on niches this way - health and well being in doctor's waiting rooms, recipe products in restaurants etc.

    Just my two cents.

    Helen Doherty: What Would Happen If We All Let Rip(ple)?

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  • Profile picture of the author Kristian
    It's much easier to make one site, as opposed 100s of cds, and get your traffic from online means - where the traffic is plentiful and you don't have to share the profits.

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  • Profile picture of the author Dave Cornish
    Build a list at the same time if you want to monetize this idea for months to come.
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    The idea is a good one. However I think I would go with a quick 1 - 3 page report with a link to your squeeze page as the footer.

    Want more information on X then please visit and join our mailing list

    It would cost much less to put out these small reports. You could probably print off 1000 of them for about the same price as 100cd's.
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    • Profile picture of the author Steve Taylor
      If you already work at a library, why not just make some nice looking bookmark cards up with your website/blog advertised on it?

      You can give everyone a card. It's much more cost effective than making cd's.


      Ask...Because you never stop learning.

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    • Profile picture of the author Phil Spinelli
      Use the local newspaper to generate leads:

      have them call a Free recorded message (your sales pitch) and leave their contact information to get the free report.

      Send the report to them and manage them in a contact management program like ACT
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