Does Social Media Traffic For CPA Offers Work?

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Hey Warriors,

Has anyone tried promoting CPA (PPL) offers with free social media traffic? I'm a member of Maxbounty, and so far cannot get in touch with my AM, to answer this question. I'm confused as to why some offers allow social media traffic, and also require the traffic only to be from specific countries.

How do they expect geo-targeted traffic from social media? Unless they expect marketers to drive social media traffic via paid ads on their platform? If this is the case, then you cannot promote CPA offers that are geo-targeted for via free social media traffic. And if you do, i'm guessing you CPA network account will get terminated.
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    Here's my idea. I haven't done this personally with MaxBounty, but with another network, and it worked ok. So something to think about.

    Place Facebook Ad to link to your own self-hosted page. Basically a salespage. Then on that salespage have your affiliate link to the actual CPA offer. Also, you can install a geotargeting plugin on your wordpress blog to help confirm that the traffic is from that local. So if it's not, it can redirect to a new offer. Also, you can install an exit pop to the CPA offer as well.

    Hope that gives you a work around.
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    The CPA network expects you to filter the traffic using tools that you can purchase online or if you don't, then some networks will redirect the traffic that you generate that does not fit the Geo target for the offer you promoting to an offer on their network that your geo traffic qualifies for.

    I personally use a tool called Click Maximizer to filter my traffic to the correct countries but I don't think the tool is for sale anymore. (I could be wrong about that)
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    Have you since been able to reach your AM?

    Countries that only allow traffic from specific countries may be hard to promote with free social traffic, but it also depends on the country and other variables. For instance, if an American affiliate owns a Facebook page that is followed by 50,000 people and a large portion of them are also American, promoting a US offer through their page could be quite effective. It's all going to depend on the demographic if you're targeting. Smaller countries can be a little more difficult and therefore ads may become necessary in order to ensure you're reaching the right users.
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    Originally Posted by nicolasmd2112 View Post

    Hey Warriors,

    I'm confused as to why some offers allow social media traffic, and also require the traffic only to be from specific countries.
    2 options: either you use a script that redirects based on countries

    or you use a cpa company that does that on their end

    both options work well

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    Social Media Traffics are just Cr*p for CPA marketing. I had tried and no results come from there. This is better to spend money on classifieds like Craiglist or other sites. You will be able to make some money from there.
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