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Hey all,

I am from Ireland but live in Thailand, at the moment, and have never had any issues with logging into PayPal over the past 2 years away from my country.

Yesterday, I got an email in my spam folder saying my PayPal was limited. I thought nothing of it and assumed it was a phishing email but I independently visited PayPal to check it out. I was presented with a message that I had logged in from an unknown location and they had to verify by sending a message to phone. The problem with that was the Irish number they needed to verify is switched off.

I called them and spoke to an English member of staff for 1 hour going through various ''please hold while I discuss this'' talks with him!! He said this was PayPal's way of telling me that I logged in from another country and I should set up a PayPal account in that country. He said there was nothing he could do to unblock it and I'd just have to wait for a few days to see if it cleared again, set up a new account in Thailand. His closing advice was to change my password as that may clear the error, it did but only for a brief minute. He also asked me why I needed access to this particular account as opposed to opening a new one. It's over 10 years old, no limits and 100% verified and more importantly it's mine! Why wouldn't I want access to it?

I hung up and tried the app on my android. Surprisingly the app still worked. I added a friends number to it, thinking I would be able to then choose that number to verify. No luck. It still only showed my old Irish number on the verification screen, even after refresh and clearing data from my browser.

I called PayPal again. This time I got through to an Irish girl who was incredibly helpful. The first thing she said to me, after I explained my issue, was that I was her 3rd caller already with the same issue. It was a fault on PayPal's side. She noticed that I have regularly logged in from Thailand without any issues and put a flag on my account, put my on hold and got the account limitations department to do the same. Apparently the flag would override any limitation in the future. She said to wait an hour and took my number to call me back as she would be monitoring it and if I logged in successfully she wouldn't call. Well, I tried for an while and I was still being presented with the same message.

After a period of trying and getting the same message over and over, I decided to try Hola VPN and set the location to Ireland. BOOM! Logged in without any issues and I was presented with a message saying ''Account access fully restored''. Turned off Hola and logged in without issue from the same IP that was apparently causing all the trouble to begin with.
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  • It is for your security purpose. When you want to access from another location, it need to verify via your phone number. On the other hand you were trying again again. It should not do. If one try again & again the account logging access will be restricted by the authority for a limited time. Thanks
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