Anyone good with viral pdf?

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I could really use some help here .. lol

I've been spinning my wheels trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

I tried a whole bunch of pdf creators before I found one that would produce all the links properly. I'm using viral pdf to make it rebrandable and for some reason the first link, and the last two links just don't want to work..

The program I found the best results with was openoffice although I can't make links in the program, they try and link to a file on my computer once published (pdf) even though I select (web) and it reads as a proper link before publishing.

It will work if I copy and paste it from IE (edited in dreamweaver) leaving the links working, all except 3 of them, which just come through as text.

My mind is spinning trying to figure out why my copy and paste job get's 95% of the links but fails at the important ones. >_<

I'm hoping someone is good with viral pdf and can suggest a program, or figure out what I'm missing here.


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