What is the fastest way to test a vsl against cold traffic?

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What is the fastest way to test a vsl against cold traffic.. wait for it, wait for it....in dating niche?

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      Originally Posted by Jeff Burritt View Post

      Buy a solo ad fiverr gig.
      How's traffic quality mate?
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  • The best way is through dry testing..

    Create a sales page (With sales video) and with a 'Buy Now' button.

    If they click the buy now button re-direct them to a page that says the product isn't available yet.

    That way you get ACCURATE results... of people that clicked. (Or even better make people fill out a complete order form, then refund it saying the product hasn't been developed yet for even more accurate results)

    As per the traffic part..

    The fastest way would probably be either with a solo ad or a facebook ad campaign.

    PPC or other traffic methods can also give great results, however are far, far slower

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