Thinking of switching autoresponder - is Aweber the way to go?

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My new niche site has been doing really well in terms of visitors, page views and bounce rate but the sales have started off slowly. I think I'm going to add an opt in form to it to collect E-Mail addresses so I can send out newsletters/tips maybe weekly, or even every few days. By not building a list, I'm losing potential sales each day so I'm going to do it. I have been using TrafficWave for a few months in another niche, and it's good but it seems that Aweber has more flexibility. Plus, nearly all the lists I'm on myself use it(I always check at the bottom of each mail ).

All I really need to know is if it's easy to add an opt in form to my site via Wordpress. I think I've seen a plugin around that can do this. Is it easy to do? Also, the only other autoresponder I hear about is Get Response - how does this compare to Aweber? Many thanks
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    Hi Liam,

    I would say definately use Aweber. Simply because it gets through the spam filters better than any other type of autoresponder - without allowing us to send spam, which is great I think it's 95% but can't remember exactly, around that figure for sure.

    It is very easy to add wordpress to your blog. You've got 3 options:
    1) Do a search in Google for aweber wordpress plugin and it's the 3rd result down. Or the 1st result has a video tuorial on the aweber website.
    2) Copy the coding from aweber itself when creating a campaign and opt in box. Then copy over to your blog.
    or 3) Just give Aweber a call. They're very helpful and will tell you more info if you need it.

    I'm sure you don't need to be told but make sure you send out quality, unique and exciting content so that you keep subscribers interested, building trust and ultimately increasing sales.

    Hope this helps,

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