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hi everyone, could you give me some techniques of how choosing a niche for promoting clickbank products
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    How are you going to promote it?

    If you plan on promoting it on your blog to people that know you, or your list, I recommend going for something that you truly are passionate about or people will just not trust you.

    You need a relationship with people for them to buy from you.

    You will have a hard time selling something you don't know about is what i'm saying here.
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      1. Choose something that already has a decent number of people promoting it. On clickbank, you're looking for a gravity score of say, at least 15.

      2. Choose something that has a decent payout per sale. Are you ok with $15 per sale, or do you want to focus on a better average commission? Are commissions recurring?

      3. Make sure you visit the vendor sales page and view it yourself. Any red flags? Is it compelling? Would you buy it?

      4. If they offer an opt-in lead capture, get inside and evaluate their follow-up. If its good, you'll get more commissions. You could even buy the product and evaluate it.

      5. Check the vendor's profile for a link to affiliate support. Do they support you with banners, email swipes, etc?

      6. Understand what is being sold. Is it the promise of financial freedom? A remedy for a health crisis? Try to find products where people are hungry for a solution.

      Best regards

      Edit: Just wanted to add, while I agree its easier to promote something you're interested in, its definitely not a requirement. There are simple ways to research whichever niche you choose so you can create (or have created *hint hint*) relevant content that converts.
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    • i want to promote them on facebook but i don't know what niche should i choose
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    Choices, choices eh? All those niche areas, which one to select-you should take some time and sift through the subject areas that particularly interest you to begin with - believe me there is nothing pleasant about promoting something you know little about or even dislike. You must have some personal interests, skills, talents, knowledge of? Start there, and then drill down, start small, test what you do and then continue with what sparks some energy.

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    Do you know which traffic sources you are interested in using?
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    Find a niche that:

    -Has tons of competition (means there's money in it)
    -You have a passion for
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    hey there,

    Make sure the niche is in demand. For example women weight loss and affiliate marketing there is a demand for information.

    But something like how to cure bad body odour, well not so much demand.

    See what I am saying? My advice also...provide value first then the money comes second my friend!
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    1. Choose affiliate network, determine the type of products and select products to promote.
    2. Plan your marketing and promotion-oriented analysis. (You have to analyze carefully the following items)
    + Products with high or low commissions
    + The product will sell for, what their needs
    + Product is good or not, there are many users do not
    + Tall affiliate Competition
    3. The action in the direction of travel is available:
    If you build a website, start of the first set, renting content, and SEO Onpage optimization. If you select Ad Network Ads are conducted by running ads, for example Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, ..
    4. Optimize, measurement, scaling, management, .. in order to increase income.
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  • I do not go to Clickbank when it comes to choosing a niche. What I do first is sit down, list the topics that I want to make for my website and then do my research online. The research include mainly how popular the niche is, how many products are offered for the niche, how many competitors does the niche have, how difficult are the keywords for the niche, and so on. Once that's done, I will proceed to choosing the products for my niche in Clickbank.
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    Hi, Do anyone know where to find the best targeted & cheapest clicks to the financial freedom niche(i think it's a type of the personal development niche)? and is facebook advertising effective for this niche or better use instagram?
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