Who has tried sending actual newletters to subscribers instead of plain emails?

by Kezz
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So, I'm personally getting a bit blind to the mail outs from the lists I'm on. I'm happy to be on them, but the experience I have is that when I open a new email I'm smacked in the face by a wall of text, and I just can't find the time and energy to pick out the points of interest to me.

They're probably there, and this is not a complaint about being on the lists, it's just I find the emails a little hard on the eye and difficult to extract info from if I don't have time to read the whole thing. I often just give up, even if I'm interested in the subject, as I just don't have the time.

So, I am wondering who has tried sending out actual formatted newsletters? In a former place of work we would send out a full color newsletter once a month and it got great results at the time.

My thoughts are that perhaps extra color, and using some of the tried and true magazine cover style techniques, could help with knowing where to look first, and hence get more of a response. Perhaps it also might carry more legitimacy?

Has anyone tried this?
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