How Can I Improve My Affiliate Income Business Plan

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Hi all,

I have put together a simple plan to grow my affiliate income business.

However, I would like some inputs on how to improve, or speed up the process.

I am currently working as digital marketer in a cosmetic company and have learned the basics of aid advertising and funnel creation which I believe is essential to the success of my affiliate biz.

I am not new to IM (as you can see in the post count), however, I have been trying out many different ways and finally settle on affiliate marketing.

My Goal

The goal of my new affiliate business is to generate $5k a month so I could quit my job and travel the world with my family (typical).

My Plan

I recognize that to make it in the affiliate business, you need the following:

- A high converting squeeze page

- Traffic source

- High converting offers

- Mailing List

That's what I have built.

I have a squeeze page (not high converting by any means).

I have identified some products from Clickbank which I know is high converting (tested some of them)

I currently have 5,000 subscribers in my list

My main traffic source now is solo ads (it converts but not great).

For my mailing list, I have set up an autoresponder that delivers an email a day.

I don't write those emails, they are mainly from the clickbank products affiliate tools.
So to summarize, my current set up is this:

Traffic => Squeeze Page => Autoresponder = $$

Income Stats

I have this set up for 3 months but I officially started tracking in June.

So my income for June is as follows: $149.56 net

I have to add that this amount comes from no paid advertising because I have build the list for quite awhile before sending them to my current offers.

I only started buying solo ads in Jul.

As of today, my Jul income is: $102.03 net

What I know I need to improve

As I mentioned earlier, I worked as a digital marketer, so one of the things I do is split test their squeeze page.

This is something i need to do as well because I realize that I have never split tested my squeeze page before.

Another thing I will be working on is to find another reliable traffic source.

Though solo ads is cheap, based on my experience with my current company, front end sales usually increase if I have a very targeted audience.

That is where I will need to master PPC in the near future.


Alright, you have seen my simple business plan. Let me know what I have missed or what I should focus on or how I can achieve my goals in record time.

Also, specifically, I need to master PPC...So if there is a quality PPC training out there, please share it with me.

Thanks and continue to hustle
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    If you have 5000 subscribers you should be making at least $2500 from your subscribers per month.

    So something is very wrong with your email marketing strategy.

    Try to write better emails, don't just send offers to your subscribers but useful advices as well. Check delivery rate and open rate. Maybe your emails go to spam or to promotions in gmail. Also you should segment your list and start using marketing automation.

    Split testing squeeze page is a good idea. If you don't know much about PPC find someone to set up your campaign. You can also download official guides for Adwords and Bing ads exams and start learning.
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      Originally Posted by Vilcoms View Post

      If you have 5000 subscribers you should be making at least $2500 from your subscribers per month.
      Really? What do you base this far-fetched claim on - which you seem to state as an IM fact?

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    Do you think your goal income is a little low to take care of a family and travel the world. In my case I find having a wide variety of revenue streams is essential if you want to do this sort of work during the times where you don't reach your monthly budget or times are slow. I wish you all the best, however I would recommend doing very, very detailed forecasting so you can ensure your financial estimates match your expectations.
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    Thanks, I didn't know my list can generate $2,500...that shows how weak my marketing is. anymore ideas would be appreciated
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    It is all about the quality of your message-you say you are just using the affiliate messages as provided on Clickbank, well these are not ideal, they are 'Generic' and as such do not reach many people-the nature of your connection is going to depend on how well you serve the people, if you just approach it in this off-hand, cold manner you won't get very far. Hence your poor results, there are always a few on the list who buy, I would say you need to review your sequences, try to add some 'EQ' in to them , build rapport and offer them some free materials from your blog. Obviously something is wrong.

    The whole basis of what we do as human beings is based on Communication, nothing would be possible otherwise. I work with communication, publishing on the Web, digital media.
    Digital Media for a Noisy World

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    I recognize that to make it in the affiliate business, you need the following:

    - A high converting squeeze page
    Test and optimize your squeeze pages A/B split tests and always aim
    for the highest conversion! Use emotion & be unique!

    - Traffic source
    It not so much the traffic source, getting traffic is pretty easy if you want to make a lot of money you need TARGETTED traffic and traffic that responds well to your funnel!

    - High converting offers
    Only use offers that you have tried and tested and you will be able to market them better

    - Mailing List
    Treat them like gold, offer value before sales and NEVER SELL! always recommend...

    There is my input
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    You FAIL online because you have the WRONG information.....
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    Affiliate marketing starts and ends with your audience and how you approach them. So, before you can do anything on your business plan, you need to do some research and learn about your affiliate niche and your potential clients.
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    Appreciate all the feedback thus far.

    Yes, I don't think I know much about my target audience. I think this is something I need to work on, as well as the email sequences, which I will add my voice and personality in it.

    Keep the tips coming...Love to know what else you are doing that is working for you.

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