How to convince your prospect to buy

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How to convince your prospect to buy
Imagine that you're walking in the street and someone you've never see before comes at you trying to sell you something. The guy is only saying "BUY! BUY! BUY, just BUY it an amazing product!" without telling you what is that products, would you buy? I'm sure you won't. The way you approach your prospect is realy important! Today I'm gonna explain you how to make someone want and buy your product.

  • First look
When someone see you for the first time, it take less than 1 second for him/her to determinate if you're trustworthy or not. Everyone judge the appearance of others even tho we don't want to. What you will have to do is simple: Dress up like an entrepreneur, have your back straight, smile (but not always and not too much) and Trust yourself! I invite you to take a look at « How to attract someone's attention» before you continue
  • 2 Types of personality
When you meet someone, try to know which one of the 2 types he is. This will really help you.

The Director:
The Director use the left part of his brain. He is a kind of "Thinker". To convince him you need to bring proofs, statistics and facts. To close him, you need to give him 2 choices.

The Socialazer:
The Socialazer use the right part of his brain. To convince him you have to use his emotions. Every «Socialazer» is different but mainly you need to make them happy first before he buy. Make some jokes, make him comfortable.

Studies show that people (Directors AND Thinkers) remember better an event when an emotion is attached to it.

  • Don't sell the printer, sell the image quality
Peoples don't care about your product, they only care about how your product can resolve their problem. In your presentations, remind them their problem and offer them your solution. If you're selling printers, you will talk about the image quality, the easiness of using your printer, how easy their life will be with your printer and the difference between your printer and the competitor's printers. Stop talking about your product/service and start talking about the benefits. Make them want your product!
  • Sense of belonging
Peoples don't like doing something alone. Show to your prospect that a lot of people are already using your product and they're satisfied. This step is very important.
  • Misc
Here is some point you never have to forget
- Peoples take decisions emotionally
- Peoples like thinking they are rational
- Peoples are Egocentric
- People instinctively assess the value of what you offer them
- Peoples don't understand your business, be as simple as possible and don't talk too much
- Peoples want to avoid risk
- Peoples like to buy
- People are naturally suspicious
- People are looking for something

Hope this can help you.
If you have questions you can post them on the comment section

** I don't really speak english so be patient with me please**
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