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I examined both of my (struggling) sites to find the visits per day per blog post.

I looked at it because I was trying to determine how many posts, averaging out their performance, I likely will need to meet my income goals.

Site A is about 0.8 visits per day per post.
Site B is about 6.

What is yours?

On average if I write 2 good posts a week for each site it's going to take me about 2 more years to meet my income goals.

Site A is a blog I'm adding ecommerce to, and I have big plans, so I feel there's potential with it. Site B is the opposite, an ecommerce store I'm transitioning to a blog only. The above numbers are fairly accurate for considering the blog posts only, not ecommerce pages, homepages, etc.

I'm hoping as I add more quality posts my traffic will ramp up exponentially a little bit, due to better leverage with higher search rankings and a bigger email list, or at the very least increase linearly. What is your experience with that? I mean I guess massive repercussions from Google algorithm changes could send me plunging, but my understanding is there's not much risk of penalties if I'm mostly just churning out quality posts and doing some basic on site SEO and minimal white hat offsite SEO and social media.

Both these sites are 10+ years old but I did a crappy job with them until recently. They have steady Moz DA scores of 20 and 30.

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    There used to be a saying in internet marketing, 'Build it and they will come'
    Well that might have been true 10 - 15 years ago but it's not any more. There's only one way to get more visitors to your site and that is to advertise it.

    You can have the best website on the planet with the most interesting content, but there are millions of websites on the internet and the only way to get more visitors is to drive traffic to it.

    You could also make a short video and upload it to Youtube with a link to your website in the description box. Remember, Youtube is every much a search engine as Google. And, as Google owns Youtube, your video will show up in Google's organic searches

    [Smash The Competition With This.
    Video Here

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    I am agree with @bluemotion. However content is king but still without promotions advertisements, it’s really difficult to attract more traffic. Do your good work and publish that work to social channels a much you can and you'll see the impact. Not overnight but in long run.
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    This strategy allows you to leverage your time and talents for maximum results with out having to spend a lot of money and it is my Marketing Strategy of choice for all new bloggers and even established bloggers for that matter.
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    Do some marketing with your blog and also focus on social media marketing. You should spend some money for advertising since you have big dreams.

    Best of luck !
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