How do you increase your clickbank gravity score

by ncloud
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How do you get your gravity score to go up on your product when you first put it on Clickbank.
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    Drive more sales to your site. You have to maintain the low refund and chargeback rates in order to get a good gravity score.

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    Yes, the gravity score is not completely understood, it refers to the quantity of affiliates who have made sales recently with the product but includes other metrics. Basically it is an indication of how popualr and successful the product is for affiliates.

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    Drive more sales to your site.
    I've heard this before but I don't understand it. I thought you would only get a gravity point for each individual person that makes a sale. Each person only counts as like 1 point or something regardless of how many of them they sale. If that's the case, how would your gravity score go up from driving more sales to your site?
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    Does anybody know that answer to that? How would your gravity score go up from driving more sales to your site?
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    If you just want to know a quick answer without understanding why, then the simple answer to your question is...

    "You can't increase your gravity score"

    If you want to know full details on how gravity works and why a vendor can't increase his on score, then read the article that I linked to below...
    ClickBank Articles: What is ClickBank Gravity? | cbgraph help
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    hey guys!

    here is my 2c

    What people don't understand about gravity is that it only shows the first sale from each person.

    Gravity could be 100 meaning 100 people have sold one copy, but who knows each person could sell 50 copies but it won't show 5000 as a gravity.
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    Originally Posted by ncloud View Post

    How do you get your gravity score to go up on your product when you first put it on Clickbank.
    The more you help your affiliates make money, the more you will make money. You have to give them all the tools and guidance about how to promote your Clickbank product, and get sales. The more sales they get, the more money you make, and the higher your gravity score will be.

    On Paydotcom, if you just continue to get bunches of sales for your product, your affiliate (similar) score will increase with each new sale - thus making it rank higher in the product marketplace, and enticing more new affiliates.
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    I look at products on Clickbank and a lot of them have very little if any gravity. So that makes me think that even if I created my own product I probably still wouldn't be able to get other people promoting my product for me. If all of these other people can't figure out how to get their gravity score up, what hope have I? And even if I did somehow get my gravity up, how long could I keep it up?

    I just learned that you can pay extra on clickbank to have your product featured. You can also pay extra to have clickbank mail out your affiliate offer in one of their newsletters. I guess you could also contact other websites in your niche that have a list and tell them about your product - maybe some of them would end up promoting it to their list, especially if it's a new product. Hopefully that would be enough to get it to take off.
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    Have a quality product which sells well for a reasonable amount of time...

    low refunds, good reviews etc

    lots of great replies in the thread
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    make it stupid simple for your affiliates to sell a ton of your product.

    I know as an affiliate It's hard to resist an affiliate vendor when they have a dedicated affiliate page with:
    -Email swipes
    -Content Ideas
    -Affiliates email List

    It also helps to be in a popular niche (weight loss, IM, Parenting etc...) Don't be afraid of the comp..

    Best of luck,
    Ike Paz
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