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Hello Warrior community,

I have a question about keeping tabs on Amazon prices for various products. Basically I have access to several hundred, maybe even over a thousand products that I would like to check against Amazon prices and if I ever have better prices would like to jump on the opportunity to sell.

I'm hoping there's a tool out there that I can input a list of my products (not sure how, by Model # maybe) and it will go to Amazon, search, and monitor prices. Then alert me when the price is below a certain amount. That's the general idea.

Think there's a tool like this?
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    there are many and they are not cheap.

    Scoutify by inventory lab is one of many.

    I would just price as best I can and not worry about Amazon. Amazon will change prices rapidly especially on hot sellers. You might be under amazons price and then by the time you get your marketing in place amazon could be lower.


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    Have you tried Camel Camel Camel? They say it is the best. You can sign up for a free account and see if it will work for you or not.

    If you are making some decent money, you may want to hire a virtual assistant in a different company to monitor prices for you. A VA can be had for very little money and do you a good job.

    Al Pooser

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