How Do You Promote Your PLR Product?

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I just finished a pretty decent self-help PLR package. I set up my website all the links, vendor, salescopy ... Now the only thing I have to do is get someone to promote it for me. I was thinking about a Joint Venture with someone who has a list in that niche. PPC is not an option, because I'm on a small budget. Do I have the right idea here?

Any suggestions?

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    Hi Matt,

    On a low budget, why not run it as a WSO for $20 (plus another $20 to bump it back to Page 1 every few days)?

    Or, explore the JV section of this forum for possible partners.

    Failing that (or in addition), assuming you are in it for the long run, set up a site and promote it like any other with keyword research, SEO and site promotion etc.
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    I think WSO will be be a good idea and you can also use Bum Marketing techniques (like writing articles etc.)

    You can also start a site (preferably content site) and do some SEO to get traffic to it.

    I think that you should try all that but nothing will beat the JV option. Get someone in your niche with a list to promote it for you.

    “The first draft of anything is shit.” ~Ernest Hemingway

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    Great question, I sell almost exlcusively PLR and MRR products
    and I've been doing this for about 3-4 years now.

    Without an e-mail list, or JV partner, I'd have to say your best
    bet for instant results on that product is to use the WSO section.

    There are a ton of savvy Internet Marketers who can turn quality PLR
    content into unique creations that fit their business model.
    The WarriorForum is the best place to look for those savvy IM'ers

    But to eventually start really profiting from your hard work is to
    build up an email list of clients are interested in PLR products
    and most importantly like your stuff.

    Then you can spend weeks creating your PLR content and then
    promote exclusive through email and you'll see a great return.

    One reason why I suggest exclusive email marketing for PLR
    content is because it gives your clients a chance to get access
    to "non-public" release.

    As buyers they will be confident to be able to resell with
    minimal exposure to the market - so they can easily rebrand
    and promote without the stigma of reselling a PLR product.

    Because most end buyers won't even realize they are buying
    a PLR product that had been rebranded. So in conclusion,
    hit up the WSO section and start creating an email list.

    I personally used a service called "Viva Viral Video" it is
    a viral Affiliate video player that allowed me to sell a small
    $12 PLR product and gave away 100% commission.

    A viewer who became a buyer (signed up to list) and an
    affiliate who promoted (signed up to list) and the new viewers
    became buyers and more affiliates promoted and next thing
    I knew I had a list of hundreds of people very quickly.

    Then you take a big list and condense it into a smaller list
    by targetting your key buyers and then you provide the
    best damn PLR service you can.

    Good luck!
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      Have you thought about setting up an affiliate program?

      Dan's content is irregularly read by handfuls of people. Join the elite few by reading his blog:, following him on Twitter: or reading his fiction: but NOT by Clicking Here!

      Dan also writes content for hire, but you can't afford him anyway.
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        Thank you for all those great answers. I have my affiliate program set up with, giving 65%. Have to find some affiliates.

        Will check the WSO option as well.
        Hard work always pays off.
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