How can I use my popular ebook to draw attention to another website?

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Anyone ever give away an ebook for free on the condition that the receiver tweets or Facebooks a particular webpage? I ask because I have a small website that gets 87,000 unique visitors per month. Most people that come to my site want my ebook.

I also have another site that I’m passionate about but I need to draw some attention to it. I was wondering how I could use that ebook to draw attention to my other site.

How would you go about it?

For example, the ebook is small, so I could just convert the ebook into a video and promote my other site before the video begins (like an infomercial).

Anyone got a better idea? I’m desperate to get this other site to take off! Maybe this idea sounds stupid, but I really am desperate, lol.
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  • Firstly, congrats on getting large amounts of traffic to your website.

    Secondly, it may seem like a big problem.. but it's an easy fix.

    Turn those people who want you ebook into LEADS.

    Then, once you generate leads you can promote anything, of value, to those leads and generate conversions for years to come (If you add value to those leads)

    LEADS as in.. email optins.

    1. Create an optin page for you book (Examples: )

    2. Drive those visitors to that optin page and get leads.

    3. Create followup sequences and newsletters to followup with those leads and drive them to the other website.

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