When to offer discount to subscribers?

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Hi all, I have a question regarding my opt-in list follow up emails.

I have my own ebook in the College Athletic Scholarship niche. After the reader opts in to receive the free report, I am showing a 25% conversion rate to the subscriber purchasing the book.

At what point should I consider emailing the list a discount code for those ho haven't purchased yet? Right now I have 30 days worth of auto-responder emails being sent. Should I try to convert them with a nice discount or just keep emailing to test conversions at a longer time frame?

Thanks for any advice or sharing your experiences with this.

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    I think you can pretty much do it whenever, but I've found that it works best when you have a "reason".

    For instance, Tuesday, September 8th Obama will be live on TV talking about education etc...that is the perfect opportunity to alert your subscribers and offer them a discount.
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    I agree with Jeremy. Another good one is Monday. Here in the US monday is Labor Day. While it's not an internation holiday it could be reason enough to give a discount.

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      Thanks Jeremy and Liq. I will do it now asap since September is the big kick off to the college recruiting season for most sports. This should be an easy sell to those ho haven't bought yet because we can stress that they don't want to be left behind by their competition(other high school athletes) who are getting the recruiting jump on them.

      Thanks, Shane
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