how to get first sale and review on etsy

by Linens
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One of my friend is struggling getting first sale and review on etsy. He is participating in treasuries, games, paid etsy promotions but no results

I feel buyers buy only after seeing your reviews and no of sales. so with 0 sales and review, no body take risk to buy first time.

Please help guide how to start sale.

Thanks and Regards
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    Is your "friend" creating their own product or are they buying and selling?
    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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  • Have a look at the competition and see what they are doing. Its usually very hard to get started on these overcrowded marketplaces now.

    You are going to need someone to maybe purchase the product on your behalf and leave a review.

    You see it being done a lot on freebie site and mommy blogger networks
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    I agree with Highplains - getting someone to purchase and leave a review is the first start. It can be one review (so long as it's great) that can set the momentum.

    It seems when starting out, he'll have to lower the price point a little bit (compared to what competition is doing) in order to get started. And once sales come in, politely ask customers to leave a review on the site.

    A lot of time, people forget to leave reviews, but will do it if you ask.
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    Is there a market for this? If so.. How does pricing compare to others? Way to many variables to even try to figure this out without seeing it.
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  • Focus on your shop story
    try make video about how you make product
    Courage your first buyer by giving a gift
    promote on Instagram & pinterest
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    Originally Posted by Linens View Post

    I feel buyers buy only after seeing your reviews and no of sales. so with 0 sales and review, no body take risk to buy first time.

    So why don't you help your friend out by buying one of the products and leaving a great review? You said he needs help.

    Tell him to ask family and friends to buy some of his products and leave good reviews.

    Help him to get the ball rolling . . . he's your friend, right?


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    Even one review helps. I've seen it on Amazon with my own books I sell there. Once a book gets a review, it gets a lot more sales, and a lot more reviews. It all starts with one. People want to see at least ONE other person has tried and liked the product before they will buy it.

    Now me, I'll buy something that has no reviews if I like the product description, and it's something I actually need or want. But, most people like to see at least one review before they will buy.
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    I offered a service and simply asked the person if they would review.
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