WOW Competitors Live Chat Just Gave Me All Her Niches

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So I'm about to enter a new niche and like to examine all my top competitors sites to pick out similarities to form my sales copy around.

I noticed the one site had a "LivePerson" powered messaging system that I have seen a few times but with no one ever there to really answer your questions. I clicked the link expecting to see a e-mail message box appear only to instead be greeted by a real person!

I made it clear I was looking to enter the market myself and asked questions about affiliate programs and such...

...About 5 min. into the conversation I asked what other products this person offered and within one min. I was given a list of the "main money making sites" that person owned lol

I have a list that will keep me going all year now LOL

What crazy ways have you stumbled upon potential niches?!
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