[HELP] How to Make An eBook from Scratch?

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I'm a Windows PC user and I want to make an eBook from scratch... What should I do first, What Tools should I use?

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    I've done this for many of my own products. Basically there's 3 steps:

    1. Write it in a text doc or MS word.

    2. Then do a ecover in photoshop, or pay a guy off fiverr to do it.

    3. Save the doc as a pdf and/or upload to kindle.
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      OP, if you don't have access MS Word/MS Office, download LIBRE OFFICE and create a .doc document

      Write your book

      Go to flickr.com and look for ROYALTY-FREE CREATIVE COMMONS IMAGES

      See the settings below? Use them!

      Link to the creator of the CC image on your cover in the ACKNOWLEDGMENT section of your book

      Proofread your book

      Export your book as PDF and upload to KINDLE (make sure you pick the right tags/category)

      If you want a CLICKABLE table of contents, get on Fiverr and get your book converted to MOBI format for $5

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    What are you doing you are just flip flopping around !!!

    You need to find one thing and research the crap out of it not just on here but YouTube & Google

    You have asked a lot of questions on a lot of things but never contribute well not as far as I have seen

    Hear is what I was told to do in the beginning , go out and try something and keep trying for 2 weeks than when you have a question you can say I did blah but still no luck and I also tried blah

    Now when Warriors see that they will help you out because you tried something and mate sorry for the tough love but every so often everyone needs a kick in the bum to get them moving.

    The links bellow are just some of what you have asked in the last few months/?

    What's The Best eBooks About Internet Marketing That You've Ever Read?

    Why You Need To Sell Ebooks, Instead of Online Courses?

    I'm NOT Sure What Products To Promote... !!

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    I use MS Word to compose my text. If you want a free tool try Open Office.

    There are many other alternatives including using speech-to-text software.

    There are many paid services that will do all the work for you if you are so inclined.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      Originally Posted by Steve B View Post

      I use MS Word to compose my text. If you want a free tool try Open Office.

      There are many other alternatives including using speech-to-text software.

      There are many paid services that will do all the work for you if you are so inclined.

      yeah, agree. now its called LibreOffice\LibreOfficeWriter

      its superior to ms word

      AS oithers already explained, you write it in doc format, then convert to pdf
      inside LibreOfficeWriter - now you got a book.

      What to write about? its easy mate, you simply save all your forum posts,
      one day you compile them all into a single book. . DONE.

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    Decide on the Niche. Weight Loss

    Narrow down the niche. Weight Loss For Monkeys

    Develop a series of questions that solve the problem for that niche. Why do monkeys need to lose weight? What are the best diets for monkeys to lose weight? What are the foods that the monkeys need to eat to lose weight? What exercise program should the monkeys do? And so forth.

    Write a chapter that answers each question.

    Use a program that spell and grammar checks.

    Go to Amazon. Check out the bestselling titles for monkeys to lose weight. Copy the keyword phrases of those books.

    Title your book using How to Lose Weight When You're a Monkey

    Subtitle the book using some of the keyword phrases.

    Create or buy a cover for the book that is similar to the bestsellers. You're using those covers for inspiration not to copycat.

    Proof, edit, proof, edit the book.



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    You can find ebook templates online with a quick google search! I know HubSpot has some pretty decent ones they offer in exchange for your email that you can edit with your information. (Great way for generating leads, right?)

    Decide on the topic you'll be focusing on in the ebook. As @DeePower mentioned above, follow those steps to create a draft and also find/create pictures that will be relevant for your topic.
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    You don't say why you want to write an ebook, or what subject matter. Are you wanting to know how to write an ebook, or do you already have the ebook written as a word doc and you are looking to convert to an e-publish software? There are many ways to do this, both paid and free, I'd be happy to give you more details if you can be more explicit.

    Peter Bright

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    I write my ebooks in Microsoft Word then convert them to PDF. Then I upload them to my domain so I can use them as lead magnets.
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    Like many others here, I write in MS Word. Depending on where I'm selling the ebook, I can either keep it as a Word doc, convert it to a PDF, or upload it to Amazon, where it will be formatted for Kindle during the upload process. If I'm doing a paperback on CreateSpace, that's a little more time and labor-intensive, as far as formatting it goes. But, an e-book is much easier. I figured all of this out on my own the first time I wrote an e-book. There are all kinds of instructions online, and on the very places you may be uploading your book to, so just look for those instructions and follow them. There may be a learning curve the first time, and you may try a few times before you get it right. But, the good news is you don't have to hit "Publish" until you've got it formatted perfectly for the platform where you're selling it.
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    Some of you guys are working too hard.

    Open Google Docs, write, hit download as PDF.
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    I use fiverr for everything just look for the gig folk with the best reviews BUT if you want to go the free route, then here you go:

    Free software to write it with: i use open office, its free and it works great on windows...

    once you're done writing your ebook then just hit the pdf button and it will convert it for you.:


    Free image editor: I use this if I want to add text to the images, really easy to use https://www.gimp.org/downloads/

    For Free to use Images: you can get free to use commercial images, just download them and drag and drop them into open office https://pixabay.com/

    For Free Ebook 3D Cover Book Image: http://boxshot.com/3d-pack/

    wishing you the best,
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    There are four basic ways you can create an ePub file:
    1. From scratch
    2. Saving from a word-processing or page-layout application into ePub format
    3. Using a conversion app or online service
    4. Hiring a designer
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    Option 1: Create the Ebook from Scratch
    Option 2: Use an App That Exports ePub Files
    Option 3: Converting to ePub Using an App or Online Service
    Option 4: Use an Ebook Designer or Company to Handle the Conversion
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    Write a topic that has full content in Microsoft word.

    asked someone to edit your e-book, add cool pictures

    and then convert them to PDF file
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    Open Office is free and easy to create ebooks once you figure out the layout (header, sidebar, content area, etc...).
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