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Bit of a jam here, had six sites created by a fellow warrior who has left me
high and dry before completing the work.

These are Amazon affiliate sites and the person who created these for me
has his affiliate ID on them. I need to remove that and replace with mine.
There is a Search and Replace plugin but can't get information on it in
English to use it. I need to take care of this because all six of the sites
are #1 on Google.

I click on settings for the plugin and takes me to a page with categories.
I see the user ID listed there, and I'm assuming that would be the affiliate

There is a box to check and then I scroll down to a section that has an area to put in some relevant information.

Replace -
With -

Click Go

What information is required in the replace - area? If it is the current ID I
am even more screwed, because I don't have his ID.

I'm assuming With - means with a different ID.

I have been trying to resolve this for two weeks and this is my last problem.

I would soooooo appreciate any help.:confused:
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    Could you be a bit more specific?

    Affiliate ID where on the site or in a ebook?

    You can PM me if you like and i'll see what I can do.

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    Well want to try and help but have read through your post now about four times, the last time reallllly slowly but I am still not sure what you are trying to do, so...

    Are these sites made with wordpress? if not, what?

    Can you post a link to anything? If not, can you pm a link to me or anyone else who responds on this thread to try and help?

    Any other info?

    That might help get the ball rolling and hopefully someone can help you.

    Good luck
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    Ok .... Click on settings in Wordpress and then click on search and replace. Click on Select all.

    search for: his ID, lets say it's wolfy
    replace with your ID ... whatever it is.

    That will replace all the affiliate clickbank IDs in the posts.

    It won't replace any that may be in the sidebar or header or footer. You'll have to those manually.
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      Thanks sbucciarel,
      Even though I didn't make that very clear, you understood me anyway.
      You must be used to dealing with folks who speak half of what their thinking.
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    if it's a clickbank affiliate ID, the link should look something like:



    http://379fdsh4k234jsl32u3gsd.hop.clickbank.net <-- (new encrypted clickbank hoplink)
    so if it's the affiliate ID, simply open the webpage in notepad or any text editor, in note pad press ctrl+H, this will open find and replace tool enter his affiliate id in "Find what" field and yours in "Replace with" field and click on replace all. To search for his affiliate ID or encrypted hoplink, search the source code either for "hop.clickbank" or "/?hop" (without quotes ofcourse) it will show you the affiliate link/hoplink from which you can extract his affiliate ID or encrypted part of the hoplink and replace it with yours. BACK UP THE ORIGINAL FILES FIRST.

    and if it's not clickbank affiliate ID, you can PM me the part of the source code where you think he has his affiliate ID and i'll try to find it for you.
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      Hi scarfeet
      Thanks for going to all that trouble. I had to edit that first thread because it was not very clear on what I was asking help for.

      These are Amazon ID's, but your information is great for another problem I have so
      I'm getting two problems solved here.

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        Hi SusanneUK,
        You're tooo cool, thanks for taking so much time to try and understand what I didn't
        explain to clearly.

        I went back and read it after seeing your post, I edited it after that.
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    Do the sites include an Amazon store?
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    Amazon affiliate ids are easy to find, unless he's cloaked them. When you signed up for your affiliate account, you should have been given a big ugly lump of code that you could post onto your amazon links. See how your affiliate id shows up in the code?

    Now you can find his id by hovering over links on the webpages, or even just by clicking on them. Replace his with yours using sbucciarels method above. Job done.
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    So have you fixed your problem now?

    You should be able to find his id on the page or in the code, and it sounds like you know what to do to replace it now.

    nothing to see here.

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      Thanks to all, I have everything I need. This is why I love being a Warrior.
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  • Did that search and replace plugin work for changing those affiliate IDs? When I transfer those autoblogs to people, I always go in and change the affiliate link in EVERY POST. It is very time consuming.

    If you need help doing it manually and have access to the dashboard, I can lend you some time to help you change those affiliate links. Just give me access to a site or two.
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      Hi Charles,
      The plugin is on every site and it automatically changes all the ID's at once.

      The Search and Replace plugin site is only in German, so getting instructions to use it
      is a problem. I read that the update has information in English, you might want to
      check it out. If it turns out that I'm wrong I might give you a shout.

      Very generous offer, thanks.
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