Linking from YouTube to my top level redirect???

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I know that I have seen videos on YouTube that have links that you can click on that redirect you to another site. Am I wrong about this??? I spent a long time learning how to make a video with Camstudio and then more time learning the basics of YouTube. I'm still learning but their is no doubt that the power of a video should really increase Click-thrus vs article marketing alone.

It would appear that You-Tube does not allow off-site links on the videos. I will be linking my video from my Squidoo page but it would be cool if I could place a top-level redirect straight to my affiliate offering on the video itself. If they click on the video in Squidoo to increase the screen size they get redirected to the You-Tube website. It seems like you might lose many potential customers this way Since other IM's can access your video on You-Tube I guess they could also use it to promote the same product. I guess the only solution is to build your own website.

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    Thank You to Crystal for the great answer and idea

    I willl use this very soon

    All the Best
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    Thanks Crystal I will give it a try!

    I guess I could also create a new blog and attach my video to it. Then link the blog from my Squidoo page to the Blog itself

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    You guys are most welcome
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