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Just wondering if anyone has a list of services they offer in addition to website design/setup and fee schedule. The list of options seems to be endless and I really want to put a limit and set amount on the services I offer. Many thanks for any input you can provide.
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    its a tuff call to be a 'jack of all trades' - and whats worse: your clients get absolutely confused about what services to order.

    Specialize in only 1 or 2, the ones you understand and like, something you are comfortable to sell.

    for example, SEO is great, it does work, but if you dont believe you can get your clients actual results in 3 months or less, this whole thing will fade away in a very short time. Selling ppc services however, is much more dynamic, you can get reorders in 2 weeks already. Everybody needs traffic, its the essential part in marketing.

    website services; what a headache, done it once, i quit pretty fast due to crazy customers asking for free updates, well charge them for it, still a lot of work for not enough revenue.

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