How to Get More Sales + Subscribers

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Tips to Get More Sales

If you have a product and a salespage, it's vital you convert your visitors into buyers.
If you don't you're wasting traffic and will probably never see those visitors again.

So here's a few tips to increase your conversion rate:

1. Make sure your salespage looks good - If it sucks, people won't buy. Use a modern responsive design with easy to read fonts and colors.

2. Write great copy - Clearly communicate to your target audience your exact solution to their problem.

3. Use whitespace - Spread out your text and images. Makes sure there's plenty of room around your words and images so that people can scan quickly and get your main points.

4. Call to action - Have a clear and obvious optin or buy button. Don't hide this, or even worry about being obnoxious with it. Make sure it's big and bold.

5. Irresistible offer - Make your solution so powerful people have to have it. Set your price as a great value.

6. Capture visitors - Use an exit pop or retargeting script so you can have a second shot at the sale.
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