Does sales volume also depends on payment gateways?

by Linens
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Hi Guys,

I am using payza for my digital download website and DPD as i do not have paypal and only alternative left is PAYZA being in India.

My concern is -

People usually do not rely on other payment gateways OR They do not have account on other payment gateways.... and so if i use PAYZA, i will get lesser customers as compared to if i had paypal?

My assumption is right?

Does payment gateway impact sales?

How much is the popularity and usage of PAYZA in USA?

Do i need to mention in my listing that "You will have to pay through payza"? Or will wait to customer find it himself when checkout? what is the right way in terms of sales and physchology of customerwhile buying?

What you guys feel.
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    personally i do not care who the payment processor is, i have accounts with many

    however our markets do care, so paypal wins. yes you get more orders with them,
    because they are easy to use, and the refund system for non-delivery actually works.

    what's rare these days!

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    Obviously the more types of payments you can receive the better. I have used many different processors over the years and all have their pros and cons. Paypal, Payza, 2Checkout, Moneris were the main ones. In my opinion, Moneris is the best. They are not a reseller like 2CO for example plus they accept both Mastercard and Visa.
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    Nobody knows what gateway you are using. That is in the background and used to connect your buy button to your merchant account.

    For my ecommerce site I have used Paypal Payments Pro with Gateway. When people check out using their credit card they do not know it is processed through paypal.


    "The problem with the rat race is that even if you win you're still a rat." ~Lilly Tomlin~

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    You should try 2Checkout . And you should mention the payment options available to the customers in the sales page below your BUY NOW button.
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      Originally Posted by kazimuhith View Post

      You should try 2Checkout
      We used 2Checkout for almost 5 years with no problems, until the big credit card companies swooped in and cleaned house. We lost thousands per month in recurring commissions when 2CO all of a sudden canned all our monthly subscription payments with ZERO warning.
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  • Of course there is no doubt about it. Such as if one do not have the Payza account, but he use the popular online payment gateway. How he will pay you? so it is really depends on you Payment gateway. Thanks for your advance.
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    Most customers use paypal and credit cards as a mode of payment since it is secured, it is much of help you have a payment processor that can support those things. Another also is COD or cash on delivery but it's rare.
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    If you do not offer PayPal, then yes, you risk losing sales. PayPal is the #1 Payment Processor Online. Like it or not.
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    I depends on what level you are at in your business... Most people don't have a significant track record of selling so they don't notice a difference. I noticed a huge difference by not using Paypal. About 20-30% difference.

    I changed up my marketing message to attract a more sophisticated buyer and that allowed me to overcome it. Usually most "newbies" who are just starting to make money rely on Paypal, whoever some businesses that try to attract a certain class of buyer don't use paypal at all.
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