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I tried for a while to log on to my PayPal account to send out some invoices but kept getting 404 errors.

I ran the site through downdetector.com and discovered they've been encountering difficulties since 12:57 PM EDT

Thanks PayPal
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    Everything's working fine here.
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    Paypal is not down in my end.
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    It must be regional. I'm still unable to reach their website and there are many people posting complaints on Down Detector.
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    May I make a suggestion , try another browser, or clear up your cookies, sometimes the browser does that with specific sites it breaks up
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    it's been good, my last login yesterday evening
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    It's fine for me. I guess all sites have down time occasionally, even the huge ones.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Visit my site for more info

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    It is working fine here. Did any of you guys try using the mobile app while it was down. In the past that has worked for me.
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    Yesterday I tried logging on via Windows (Firefox and Chrome) and Apple (Safari). Nothing worked and DownDetector continued to report problems.

    Yes, I cleaned my cache, deleted cookies and flushed my DNS.

    This morning everything is fine. I've already sent out my invoices just in case it goes bananas again.
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  • The paypal is one of the leading Online money payment gateway. But it may face some temporary problem. It does not matter. But now it is okay. You can try it again. Thanks for your advance.
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