ezine vs. ehow vs. squidoo

by jkiley
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I have articles on ezine and ehow. I also have a page on squidoo. I get tons of people thru my ezine articles everyday. I get almost nobody thru my ehow and squidoo pages. I have never backlinked any of my articles.

Do you guys see the same thing? I am not even sure if I need to waste my time on ehow and squidoo since ezine is working fine for me, but I don't want to put all the eggs in one basket either.
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    Pretty spot on jkiley with the eggs in the same basket. How are you using your squidoo lense? If it contains an affiliate link then it would be wise to write articles and point them to your squidoo lense. But if you're using it for a link to your own site then that's a different story. Perhaps you need to pick a less popular keyword within the same niche. Don't be put off by a less popular keyword. Sales is the goal, resulting from more traffic from many eggs.

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