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I am wondering what everyone's best tip for getting more traffic is. I have found either forums or being the best source of traffic for me.
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    For me it's getting ranked well in Google. Have good content and as many good back links as you can.


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    If you have a budget try ppc
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      All I have heard about PPC is that it is a waste of money.

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        You'll get this one a lot on here, but write articles relevant to your niche and submit them to the top article directories. Costs you nothing but your time, and the quality of the traffic is superb. Give me 10 visitors through an article and you can have 100 from PPC or virtually any other source. I bet I make more money in the long run.

        PPC can work, but you really have to be focused and test a lot and be prepared to throw some money away until you hit on the right system.

        Organic Google traffic is what many marketers shoot for, of course, but honestly, it can be next to worthless if you aren't getting visits from people ready to buy (or at least not strictly in investigational mode only). That's why traffic from articles is better - if you structure your articles correctly, you will pre-sell them to be in buying mode when they click your link. Not so with organic Google clicks (in most cases).

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    I agree with Zeus. Lots of quality content and getting good backlinks. I bought an eBook about traffic generation that really worked well for me. It wasn't just one strategy. But if I had to boil it down to just one, I would say content is king.

    Articles are also great!

    That's still content . . .

    P.S. By writing tons of quality content on my blog, getting a couple leaders in my niche to backlink to me, and responding to every comment on a timely basis, I was on Google's 1st page within a couple weeks. Now I am in #1 position and still making more than $1000 every month selling my two eBooks that are each <$10. Content, content, content!
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