Do You Test Different Ministe Designs?

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Hey gang

Been looking at a trend here: many Warriors ask what's wrong with their sales copy, what's missing, they even go changing a good sales copy that it's not converting, and they change it from top to bottom.

But hold on a second.

Maybe the problem it's not your copy. Maybe the main problem it's just your Minisite Design. Think about it for a second.

A different Header can bring more 20% of conversions. A simple Header can be the difference between $25 per day to $100 per day.

That's why testing designs is so important - and at same time, so misunderstood by product owners.

So next time you have poor sales page conversions, ask for opinions about your design to a experienced designer - and you can find at least 10 or 20 of them in here - willing to advice you for free.

Don't leave money in the table. Test, test, test.

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