How to Make an Online Course with Test Questions?

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I was coaching a little league softball team and had to pass an online course for concussions. I was forced to watch a video for each section of the test and then answer test questions. At the end, I passed and got my name printed on a PDF certification page which I emailed to the manager of the coaches.

Unfortunately, it looks like this system might be internally produced by the govt but was wondering if anyone knows of a similar system I might be able to buy install on my web server so I can run custom tests and certifications.
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    I believe Udemy will let you do this.

    You can run a class through there.

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    Payments would go through udemy too if I was to use their system. I'm looking for something I can install on my own server, have someone join my membership program, and then offer certifications on various parts of the membership once inside. So, it would have to be some php code that I would copy and paste into the pages of my members area I would think, instead of taking someone outside of the system to a publicly viewed udemy 3rd party.

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    Another option would be WP Courseware
    It does what you've described including the ability to create pdf certificates.
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    you could possibly use google forms it is free, i made a few squeeze pages with.
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    I like the looks of wp courseware...only problem is that the membership system I use isn't in wordpress. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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    I think survey making thingys might be able to do this.

    Also search proctored tests ; many have other options for test making and taking.

    Search homeschooling custom tests. -- those are meant to be mom friendly so should be cheap and crazy easy to use.

    Hope this helps!

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