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Hi Warriors!

I've tried working with Hostgator to figure this out but it seems I've encountered another problem.

Apparently, someone spoofed my tiffanydow.com email and I was getting thousands of bounces back to me - a BIG pain the butt.

So I called HG and they disabled my catchall.

Problem NOW is, some of my customers are PMing me here saying they tried to email me but it bounced back.

So I enabled it again and already the bounced spoofs are flooding in.

Is there a solution?
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    Can you get Hostgator to filter those specific emails (using a filter for a particular word in the email) into a junk folder that doesn't reach your POP3?
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      Hello tiffany

      I think that HG are working on some phishing and hacking issues at present (no names - no pack drill)

      Give them 24 hours on a monday and they should be hunky dory
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        I'd take you catchall and set it up as an auto responder. Put a message in there explaining the situation and telling them that if they are really trying to contact you to visit your contact page.

        To keep your box empty you might have to empty it once a day, or something but that's about it.

        Then just setup your a contact page with a form that sends the email to an address you still have active.

        I also used to filter the results by the things that commonly appear in bounce backs like Mailer Daemon and stuff.
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