Laptop vs Desktop vs tablet for animation and graphics professionals

by Linens
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I am planning to buy high configuration system as my current laptop is not latest configurations.

I use adobe photoshop, videoscribe and few more graphics and animation softwares and planning to learn and buy latest animation softwares where you can draw, create characters, animate them.

So what should i buy?

Laptop OR Desktop OR Tablet?

Can you draw characters on laptop or desktop? or use tablets for them?Will i be able to do all graphics and animations things on laptop or desktop?

I have iPad...will it be any help... may be drawing and all? which software?

Also what configurations should i buy for graphics and animation.

I already have mac mini but i am comfortable with windows so preferably i will go with windows.
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    I use a laptop for when I need to be out and about, desktop when I'm at home and want some extra power, tablet is good for ideas if you're out and about without the laptop and I have not used a mouse for around 12yrs tablet all the way.
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    Also if you are struggling monetarily then get a Huion 610 Pro if you can't afford a Wacom, if you have the funds get a Wacom (maybe even a Wacom cintiq)
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    I had the same dilemma a couple of years ago.
    Eventually, I went for a gamers laptop with Quadcore i7, NVIDIA 860M, 16gb ram, etc.

    It's better to get better specs than to find out later that you can't run your software after buying.
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    I use a laptop and a simple wacom - but I'm not doing anything too extensive.

    Desktop computers have generally more shelf-life than a laptop and if you're going for a more professional set-up I would recommended something custom made. Here in the UK we have PC Specialist, which allows you to custom build a desktop to the requirements you can 'get away with' in your selected budget.

    Perhaps you could find something similar.
    Not to mention - with a computer you can upgrade what's inside it easily.

    As for tablets, wacoms are still seen as durable and good quality in the tablet market. Have you seen the cinteqs? Those things look like a dream.

    Anyway, in summary, go for a desktop with a graphics tablet.
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