WordPress 'error establishing a database connection' ?

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Hi All,
I moved my website to another host and part of the website is a blog. So far the html part is in fine shape, but the blog part does not work - it gives me the above error message.

I looked at some threads at wordpress and it seems that it points to MySQL 5 database. Is it that an environment is set up at the host and you have to connect to it? When I moved all the wordpress files I broke the connection and it has to be reestablished on the new host?

Anybody have any ideas? I have to save the postings and the basic blog - it's working okay. I don't want to throw out the baby with the bath water sort of speak and start all over??


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    To add to what Tim wrote, also make sure that you have the same mySQL user (and password) for your database, with the same priveleges (or create an exact replica if that info wasn't moved over).

    You could also ask your new host to help you with the transfer -- some offer this as a free service, as an incentive to sign up...

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