Please Help Me in Competition Analysis.

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I have two competitors in a physical product related niche, one those two seems easy to beat..Others are with very high PR and some of them are authority sites.

Here are statiscits.
1st Competitor: Google #3 , PR#3, Inlinks 7800,No of Pages about 1500
2nd Competitor:Google #6 , PR#4, Inlinks appx. 900, No of Pages 40

I personally think 2nd one is easy to beat because of less No of inlinks, But the thing that is bothering me......How come 2st site has more PR(4) compared to first one while it has far too less inlinks.What other factors contribute to high PR?

Suggestions will be Appreciated!, about which one is easy target among above two...And what possible strategies can we use for this purpose.
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    The reason why a page can have high PR is probably because there are many high quality links linking back to that person. Like the person have high PR could be because in the 900 inlinks, probably many of them are of higher PR than that of the first one.

    hmm.. I won't think PR is very important.

    I don't think many people can share with u the strategies to beat the 2 because there is lack of information. Factors like onpage seo, offpage seo, age of site, quality of site, the strategies they build their links all play important role.
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    Thanks Emma for your Quick Response,

    Would you like to let me know? If PR is not of much importance, what are other most important factors in Competitors analysis....

    Second....What sould be the criteria for choosing the niche with respect to Top 10 Competitors, PR, Inlinks and SEO??? I mean, is it ok to choose a niche where i find few competitors with PR3 or less even Zero???


    Love the Humanity...:)

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    You're overthinking it. PR is like a shiny bauble. Looks pretty, something you can brag about, but it's not really putting money in your account. Traffic and conversions are where you need to focus to beat your competition.

    Just get a steady campaign of link building going. Post good content consistently. That's how you win this game.

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    Thanks a lot John.....Thats the reason i love Warrior Forum.....You Warriors always come with Lazer Speed to assist the fellows.....

    Love the Humanity...:)

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