Why you should never worry about Income Proof when you're getting started...

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You might've heard people ask you this question - "How much money have you made so far using this?"

Now, I know there's newbies out there who didn't really make a lot of money yet but still promote MLM programs.

I'm not with MLM programs honestly, I run a CPA/Affiliate Marketing biz but recently I was invited by a friend to join this MLM thing and I ended up getting on the leaderboard in less than 2 weeks.

Here's why you should never worry about Income Proof.

Imagine this scenario...

You were working all the freaking day and you're tired as hell. (It's dark outside as it's 11pm)

And you're super hungry....

Your Car suddenly stops in the middle of nowhere and all you see is this Mcdonalds.

Would you then call up your friend and ask him how the Burger and fries taste in the Mcdonalds of nowhere?

Would you try googling to check the reviews?

No, you'd just rush in - beg them to keep the restaurant open - Grab something to eat and then have your car fixed.

That's the thing with most people...

You are bad at demonstrating value and trust, which is why the clients ask you a question like that to avoid buying.

You need to press on their pains, agitate it and then offer them the best solution and also let them know why you're better than the competitors and give them a strong reason to BUY NOW.

I have hired a few employees - including a book keeper, Maid, Tech Support Guy, Graphics Design guy, etc. who all make less money than me.

Did you ever ask your plumber - "hey, how much cash you making?" - NO!

Because, you had a problem that immediately needed to be solved and the plumber demonstrated his value instantly!

It's an excuse, don't ever say you're not able to get past that Objection.

Who cares, we all started out hustling - it's hard to run an MLM biz i'm sure, I've been there but right now, leave me on the street and give me something to sell and I'll sell it WITHOUT ANY SOCIAL/Income PROOF.

Stop making excuses and get to work!

Demonstrate so well by explaining their problems and giving them solutions and by establishing trust that they don't find objections to stall you.

Get to work.

A. Parker

P.S - I didn't invent any of this stuff, I learned it from Dan Kennedy, Ace Reddy and Daegan Smith a few years ago which infact helped me make a ton of cash online!
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