Lifetime Website Hosting, Pay Once, Host Forever!!

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I just got an Email earlier from an IMer about a recently launched Webhosting company who is offering Lifetime Hosting with NO monthly recurring bills

But, It looks kinda too good to be true, I'm not sure about this.

Here is their website... Lifetime.Hosting. Pay once - Host forever.

As far as i wish this to be true, I'm feeling very skeptical about this.
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    Originally Posted by CityCowboy View Post


    I just got an Email earlier from an IMer about a recently launched Webhosting company who is offering Lifetime Hosting with NO monthly recurring bills

    But, It looks kinda too good to be true, I'm not sure about this.

    Here is their website... Lifetime.Hosting. Pay once - Host forever.

    As far as i wish this to be true, I'm feeling very skeptical about this.

    You know the saying to good to be true !! trust the GUT and don't go near them

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      Originally Posted by Regional Warrior View Post


      You know the saying to good to be true !! trust the GUT and don't go near them

      Yeah. I doubt it too. Better to play safe, stay off them
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    Good hosting is better than cheap hosting.

    A lifetime of that kind of hosting may not be so long.. Just sayin'.
    Web Design & Digital Marketing || I am not afraid of failure. I fail every day. My goal is simply to have more wins than failures. Failure is often one of the first parts of success.
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    I actually never have heard about lifetime hosting. Sound skeptic to me. Better Stay away from it.
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    My piece of experience when it comes to "new" resources online, such as hosting, keyword tools, advertising platforms, etc...

    Let OTHERS be the guinea pigs for the first year, then look for legitimate reviews and feedback. That way you aren't one to get screwed over. If it's legit, it'll still be around in a year if you want to try it out then.
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    Lifetime = only as long as they decide to stay in business. Which is almost never "forever"

    Are you protecting your on line business? If you have a website, blog, ecommerce store you NEED to back it up regularly. Your webhost will only protect you so much. Check out Quirkel. Protect yourself.

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    There is absolutely no way I would move my sites over.

    With recurring monthly or yearly payments, hosting providers have to keep the standards high if they want to stay in business.

    I guess for some people the idea of recurring payments is a turn off, but to me it's a sign that a company cares about customers and are continually working to maintain standards.

    Originally Posted by CityCowboy View Post

    But, It looks kinda too good to be true
    There's your answer right there.
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    See what WebHostingTalk has to say about them. This forum contains discussions on all aspects of web hosting including past experiences (both negative and positive), choosing a host, questions and answers, and other related subjects.
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    Seems too good to be true. I'd rather pay for value and pay extra to get better service and better hosting than go the cheaper route.
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    They say we buy on emotion instead of logic. The emotion starts adding up all the money that can be saved over many years as a reason to buy before the price bump. It's kind of exciting. Who wouldn't want in?

    But logically, let's go into the future 1-2-3-4-5 years.

    Logical Scenario 1: Where is your business now? Your traffic hasn't increased to the point that you need more resources or a dedicated server yet? You are still piddling along with your little website not getting any traffic, not using any resources, not selling anything but at least you have extremely cheap hosting! If that is your goal then I'd say you don't have many goals worth fighting for so it doesn't really matter where you host your stuff. Go for the cheap.

    Logical Scenario 2: They make it sound like they are a big company with 24/7 techs on tap and big server rooms. Yet they registered their domain name less than 6 months ago and only for 1 year. Now, many of my domain names are year to year too so that isn't a deal breaker. But it seems that for a big company with as many servers as in their graphic, they might have been around longer than 6 months, you know? Maybe they have under a different name. Maybe they are totally legit. But talking about lifetime in conjunction iwth a brand new site just seems a little off to me. Remember, too, we are thinking about things logically and not based on emotion, for once - trying to see if this is a good deal.

    Logical scenario 3: How much 24/7 support do you think they can provide over the next 10 years for $40 with no additional fees?

    Logical scenario 4: Look at their TOS. Their limits on a prorated refund, in case they can't continue, are based on 3 years. In other words, if you stay over that time and they can't continue providing the service for some reason, there is no refund. Why would they choose 3 years as the max allowed time to base guarantees on? While 3 years is still a long time and it would be cheap hosting for those 3 years, thinking about it in those terms makes it less attractive, don't you think?

    I don't know these folks - they may be wonderful, provide good service/support, fast hosting, really plan on doing it forever, etc. I've learned over the years, though, when I let my emotions click the pay button I am sorry way too often. So now, I step back and think through things logically if I can control emotion's desire to BUY NOW.

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    They offer "let's encrypt" Lifetime SSL Certificates for $80, but they are 100% free through let's encrypt.

    Why would anyone pay for that?
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    My following remarks are based on my own experience with other suppliers and NOT with the one referred to by the OP.

    I do have a one-time lifetime hosting account and I found this option perfect for a good reason which I will discuss within the following remarks.

    First, the BAD:
    Usually, this type of plan is offered as a "gimmick" to attract new hosting accounts. The reseller wants to make quick upfront cash payment and move on to catch other new accounts (much like an affiliate marketing model). By its very nature, the reseller is not interested nor motivated to provide continual and /or quality support as we expect from hosts that require a monthly payment.

    To Be Honest:
    However, we all can tell stories of dismal support and horrific hosting experiences with hosts requiring a monthly payment.

    Then there are honest start-ups trying to get more cash on hand to invest in servers and build a solid business using this method as a foundation strategy. The issue above mentioned, however, will still be a reality even with the most honest and well meaning of individuals and businesses.

    As others have stated above who have found sound and trusted hosting - it would make no sense at all to give that security and peace of mind up for an adventure anywhere else, regardless of one time or recurring payments.

    The GOOD:
    I bought into a one-time hosting plan in order to recover from a severe hacking of one of my business models and found that this option was a wise decision. It afforded me the cheapest way to rescue sites, rebuild and test sites away from my "money makers" hosted on more stable hosts. This has kept my costs way down while allowing me to build sites and develop them to profitability.

    Once profitable, the idea is to move that site to a more reliable host or even a cloud based solution instead of putting all of your ideas on recurring payment hosts and taxing yourself with unprofitable sites exhausting not only your patience but eating away at your profits elsewhere.

    So I do believe that if you have a few ideas that you want to try out and budget is a consideration, then a one-time lifetime option fits the bill.

    Back up daily if you make a lot of changes and keep your backups off the server (an archived copy) if you don't want to wake up one morning without hosting and without your website files.

    Needless to say (but I will) I would never EVER do Reseller Hosting using one of these accounts!
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    I wouldn't bother taking such a risk with my business, it does sounds as a bad idea.

    Hosting the foundation for online business, if you need to save on your infrastructure bad enough to risk your presence, then you may as well re-consider the line of business you are in
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    My fear with a lifetime purchase like that, is what is the incentive of the host to continue delivering you prompt and efficient service month after month, year after year when he will no longer get any more money for you.

    When I pay for monthly hosting with Host Gator or whatever, I know they are held to a higher standard simply because they will want my cleared payment next month.
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    I bought a lifetime account as a promotion and now eight months later I am moving all the sites I have on it because it is totally unreliable.

    It's a new company so I gave it a chance. It has more bugs than a garbage dump. I actually had my sites showing a WP install screen to the world on several occasions.

    Lifetime hosting in itself is not a problem, but new hosting companies often are.
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    There was another guy here at WF that sold lifetime hosting before,
    and his reasoning for doing so was pretty solid. He paid for it all already,
    and got unlimited - for ever access to the net.

    Right, now you have to think about support. If you're professional you
    need to hire guys to look after the server, that costs money in form of
    monthly salaries. While you only got paid once from the hosting clients.

    that's a conflict right there.

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    Maybe this is a good offer but believe me this is not good for business
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    Ok guys, seems that this option is not good for business - anyways, thanks everyone
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    A year later they are running a special for 14-67 dollars until midnight.

    I think I am going to pass on this
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    I got the same email and don't plan to join them . . . however . . .

    they are offering along with their hosting,

    - unlimited email accounts
    - a free web site builder
    - the one-click WP installer
    - $395 in ad credits with Bing, Amazon, YouTube, Google
    - 5 gigs lifetime FTP storage - could come in handy as a 2nd or 3rd backup for whatever you like

    So while I wouldn't host an important site with them, you could take advantage of some of these other things for a one-time fee of $15, right?

    You could, as a newbie, practice web site building, learn how Cpanel works, get your head around FTP, put up some feeder sites to help gather traffic for your main money site, right?

    Just don't use the account for anything you can't afford to lose.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    hey there

    take your wallet and run for the hills

    last time i heard of such a nonsense...they went bankrupt 8 months later

    now i know you wont go for it

    the best plan out there is pay month to month...and by the way back up all of your website files

    because you dont know the day you're going to turn your system on and everything is dark.

    O by the way this happen to me personally ...luckily i had backup my files and were able to recover quickly

    talk soon
    sam f
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    A good business needs to earn money every single day. Don't know how long a hosting business would last if they are not making monthly Reoccurring Payments from their customers.
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    Forever is a very long time. I think the lifetime they talk about is most likely the lifetime of the company, which could be a very short time.

    Personally I'd avoid this one like the plague.
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