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Hello guys

Does anyone know free/paid service like Google Keywords Planner, but for Amazon? Or any other way to know what people are looking for on Amazon?
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    The only way I know to find what people are searching for on Amazon is to use Amazon itself.

    If you start typing in a potential keyword, you'll get a dropdown with suggestions based (and ranked) on what other people searched on. You'll also get a handful (I think the max is eight or ten) related searches.

    Since Amazon isn't selling anything based on revealing actual search numbers, and making such numbers publicly could put them at a competitive disadvantage, they guard the actual search numbers closely.
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    You can take a look at amasuite


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    Amazon Keyword Tool - MerchantWords

    No first hand experience - I read about it somewhere.
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    I hate long tail pro and I always use Keyword Revealer for keyword research, Though Keyword Revealer is bit costly but it will worth it.

    Hi, my name is Da Zheng, I am the developer and founder of

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    Any other insight? Pretty much I need a service which will spy on keywords and SPECIFIC listings and return approx. number of sales, etc., etc.
    Also, maybe something like Google Trends where it shows what kind of products/specific listings were/are trending.
    Thanks a lot!
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    I remember some years ago there was a guy who selling Amazon research tool called AZON on this forum. I don't remember exactly, you can try search the name azon to see it.

    Good luck to you.
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