How Do I Monetise Directory Website to the Max?

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I have got a targeted audience of around 350,000 monthly users for one of my websites. I am creating a directory website in a sub-niche, thus I will be re-directing users there and it will be a bomb for sure.

Now, I don't want to rush launching it until I got monetisation plan sorted out.
Currently my directory has +250 listings added as a filler and that's enough for the start.

Here's my thoughts:
- Claim your listing feature for currently added listings (kind of obvious..)
- Three packages (bronze, silver, gold - charged monthly, quarterly, yearly? Not sure on this one!)
1) Bronze - FREE, plain listing - very ugly - just address, website and email.
2) Silver - PAID, logo, description, opening hours, etc.
3) Gold - PAID, silver features + featured listings on the main page, social media advertising, articles written on their products/works, etc.

Not sure what would be the best way to charge though.
1) Shall I keep Bronze package all-time free and then try to upsell for other packages?
2) Or should I increase the features on Bronze package and give One-Month Free, however charge in advanced for three months (3 + 1)?

This directory will have an informational side like articles, etc. Thus a lot of monetisation is going to happen through Adsense too.

Anyway, I will appreciate your input and help to get me in the gear!!!

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    1) Will increase submissions, build the directory out but no doubt equate to less revenue.
    2) Will likely mean less submissions but a possible increase in revenue.

    Personally if I was submitting - I wouldn't care that much about the ugly, it would be more the link - which I would pay for - so you could remove the URL option for the free listing.
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  • Are you using any specific directory site software for that (if so, which), or is it all custom work?

    Yes I'm inclined to agree Bronze should not be always completely free. Don't ask for several months up front for Bronze. Your easiest point of entry should be enticing and exactly that - easy.

    Consider savings for quarterly and annual vs. monthly, but allow all.
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    You could just copy the pricing strategy used by other directory sites.

    For example see this directory in the acupuncture niche:

    Price of $19.95 monthly, or a discounted price for signing up for 1 or 2 years at a time.
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    you said it's also niche specific..

    besides adding adsense why not add CPAs

    if you can find offers that make sense in your niche.

    Best of luck,
    Ike Paz
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